Bringing ALL of US Forward

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Jan 26, 2018

I often wonder how we can encourage the groups who struggle more and make them feel part of our Family. 

According to a recent article lagging disparity happens among those of us below poverty, uninsured, American Indians, multiracial and folks with no high school diploma. This study did not address folks with chronic physical and mental illness, veterans, and LGBT communities. 

As you can imagine folks who don't fit in boxes may share various of these demographics simultaneously. We're humans - not categories. 

I believe that we can best help these and all folks who join our Community by stepping back and empathizing before we respond with our theories of how to beat addiction. Just one example, it's a bit ludicrous to suggest joining a gym if the recipient lives below the poverty line. 

Please watch this video and then really stop before you push the publish or submit comment button. We can never have enough empathy,

Blessings to ALL who seek to be Addiction Free! 

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! You are coming HOME!