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Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Jan 9, 2018

Don't believe everything you read or hear! 

I hate to admit it because pharmaceuticals do a lot of life saving good - no doubt about it! But they're also very BIG corporations that want profits! And they're very good at propaganda.

And Tobacco Corporations who supply NRTs - well, don't get me started!

Now please don't jump to conclusions - I'm speaking here about me, OK? 

If you choose to use NRTs or pharmaceuticals then that's your business and just fine with me - as long as you don't smoke!!!!

If you are still making up your mind, consider this:

What Message Should Smokers Get about Cessation?

  • There is good news about cessation: in a growing number of countries, there are more ex-smokers than smokers.
  • Up to three-quarters of ex-smokers have quit without assistance (“cold turkey” or cut down then quit), and unaided cessation is by far the most common method used by most successful ex-smokers.
  • A serious attempt at stopping need not involve using NRT or other drugs or getting professional support.
  • Early “failure” is a normal part of trying to stop. Many initial efforts are not serious attempts.
  • NRT, other prescribed pharmaceuticals, and professional counselling or support also help many smokers, but are certainly not necessary for quitting.

[Source: The Global Research Neglect of Unassisted Smoking Cessation: Causes and Consequences ]


So how much more Successful are you using BecomeanEX and Smart Turkey? 

A Smart Turkey

All you need for testimony is our ELDER'S LIST! Pretty darn impressive. And yes, some of us used NRTs and Pharmaceuticals but most important of all we made a commitment to N.O.P.E. Not One Puff Ever! And we have shared every possible scenario you can imagine! From Family disasters to illnesses and deaths to job loss and mental health challenges to smoking spouses and name it!

You know all that time you spent smoking? Well, maybe you haven't even thought about it yet but it calculates out to 1-3 hours a day! You can spend that time right here reading, reading, reading! You can write blogs every hour if you wish! You can comment anywhere you go. In the upper right hand corner you can type anxiety, for example, and pages of Blogs pop up. 

When you find somebody you relate to visit their page and you can see everything they wrote - all of it! There's a filter where you can reverse oldest to newest and follow their journey. 

Go to Best of EX if you haven't already. 

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We have everything you need - just come as you are - willingly!