Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Jan 6, 2018

Ever feel compelled to just haul back your fist and slug somebody? You may even have felt your hand ball up into that fist - and then when the split second of decision came, you didn't!

What stopped you? 

I can think of one specific instance. I really could have let it swing! But I didn't! In the gap between getting ticked and slugging I made the decision that it wasn't worth it. I chose not to be the person that let's it rip! Those aren't my values. 

I also thought of the consequences - jail and a permanent record would not be my choice and the possible satisfaction just wasn't worth it!


It's the same with smoking. You will feel super compelled to smoke! I'm not making light of that! I know - I felt it, too! 

But does smoking fit in with who you want you to be?

Are you willing to live with the consequences of addiction and probable smoking related illness? is it really worth it? 

Withdrawal isn't caused by Quitting - it's caused by Addiction. That's why no matter how many times you Quit, you Withdraw every single time. 

Withdrawal doesn't kill anybody. It's uncomfortable. It takes  focus and determination. But there is not a single smoker who can not quit. One single minute at a time. 

Don't think through all of this while you're in the middle of a crave. Think ahead - get a plan. Make a promise to yourself based on the fact that you decide to stay Smoke FREE! Then when the moment comes - honor your commitment and keep them away from your face! 

Simple, not easy! But doable!

Decision is the ultimate Power!