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Losing Enthusiasm?

Posted by Thomas3.20.2010 Jul 30, 2017

Anywhere along this Quit Journey we EXperience it! 

We find ourselves wondering why we work so hard to stay Smoke FREE! What's the point? Is it really worth it? It would be so easy to relapse! 

If you find yourself less than enthusiastic about your New Smoke FREE Day perhaps you could use an infusion of Quititude! We can easily fall into the Relapse Trap of "deprivation." Heck, even Smoking Cessation implies stopping a bad behavior. Well, if you're rebellious like me, that doesn't appeal much!

That's why I like Become an EX!

Quititude focuses on what you get not what you give up because honestly, folks we're giving up wasting 2 hours a day and barrels of money lighting up a dead leaf wrapped in poison and dipped into thousands of chemicals!

But what do we get?

We all have our own lists. Mine is very long! I have worked on it continuously for 7 + Years! 

I get ME! My body, my mind, my spirit, my Soul!

I get more Family and Friends - more time and better Quality!

I get better relationships in general! I have more empathy and confidence, character and wisdom!

I get a better environment! I have a nice clean home, car, workplace...

I get better at work! I have more concentration, confidence, perseverence!

....the list goes on and on!

Are you working your Quititude? It's an Essential Element of Recovery! It's the twin of 

Keep them away from your Face!

This website is called Every Day Health and I use it for accurate info on many health related subjects:

Life Hacks That Can Help You Quit Smoking | Everyday Health 

Feel free to add your own ideas!

One that helped me was drinking cranberry juice to keep blood sugar stable which helps relieve withdrawal symptoms.

Hop on!



Posted by Thomas3.20.2010 Jul 22, 2017

There are Experts and there are EXperts!


When I was Addicted to Nicotine I considered myself an Expert! I had smoked for decades, had "quit" dozens of times, and thought I knew all there is to know about Nicotine Addiction!


Sure, I knew what it feels like to be an Addict and also what physical withdrawal is like - all too familiar!


But I had a lot to learn about Nicotine Cessation and Recovery! Honestly, I had a lot to learn about Nicotine Addiction, too, even though I couldn't see it at the time!


Did you ever wonder why The Easy Way is so effective at helping many people Quit Smoking?


It's the very carefully honed use of words and their repetition. It's a kind of reverse Brainwashing! Since Nicotine literally hijacks our Addicted Brains, The Easy Way hijacks them back one word at a time!


Words are very important! They create thoughts and thoughts generate feelings and we're often led by our emotions. So how we speak to ourselves about Nicotine Addiction and Recovery makes a huge difference in our Success!


Tentative words like "try" and "hope" leave an open ending - a less than 100% commitment! 


Without 100% commitment we can sneak out the back door of our Minds and given the chance an Addict being an Addict will take the option every chance they can get! It's what Addicts do! They look for and find or make an Excuse to get out of their resolve!


In order to Succeed in Quitting you have to Commit and then be willing to discover your New World of Smoke FREE Living without being able to see it first! We don't really know what we're Committing to! When Allen Carr or EXperts tell you that it's worth it, that it's not just Better - it's Incredible! - we have to have a kind of blind trust that they're telling us the Truth!


So here's what the True EXpert is! Not somebody that has 4 degrees from the most prestigious Universities, 30 Years experience in Smoking Cessation Science, or even a Lifetime as an Addict.....


An EXpert knows the absolutely awesome, incredible, fantastic, splendiferous feeling of Becoming an EX because we were where you are now and now we are where you want to be! We know what it feels like to be Addicted and we know what it feels like to be FREE and we know how to get from here to there! And you can get there, too!


Listen to your EXperts even if you think you know it all already! You'll be surprised what you find out!


Well, not 100% off topic as this article does address Smoking Cessation meds, too! Anyway I was astounded when I read this and thought you might be interested as well!

YouGov | 57% of hypochondriacs never use pain medication 


Mistaken Beliefs

Posted by Thomas3.20.2010 Jul 13, 2017

So you have any beliefs like these?

- I can cut back - it's better than not!

- I can quit for a Month and then relapse for a weekend and Monday pick up where I left off!

- I can hang around smokers even in the cab of a truck and still maintain my quit!

Sadly, I've heard all 3 of these mistaken beliefs right here within the last week!

Other mistaken beliefs:

- As long as I exercise and eat right or at least take my vitamins, I'll be OK!

- Menthol, natural, low tar or superfiltered cigarettes are safer!

- There's no point in quitting, I'm doomed!

What other mistaken beliefs have you heard?

Many hold mistaken beliefs about reducing risks of cigarette smoking | Reuters 


Chill the Crave!

Posted by Thomas3.20.2010 Jul 11, 2017

Let go of the stress, let go of the thoughts, get back on track with relaxation!Seven Steps to Relaxation

Keep stacking those Days - No Matter What!

You can't win!

People are even told by "experts" to use their willpower. But what kind of sense does this make???

If you are fighting with your Addiction you are actually fighting with your own Addictive Brain! How can that be a good choice?


Make your Brain your Ally! We know that your Brain was hijacked by Addiction so it won't go willingly! But when you give it no other option then it will learn to actually help you Quit!


But you have to:  BURN YOUR BOATS!


The "island" in this case is YOU! You can take your Life back from Addiction only with 100% Commitment! The rest comes from having no other option! necessity is the Mother of Invention, remember? You Brain will kick in and make it work! The decision comes from the Executive - you make a decision. Then you simply stick with it no matter what!


A Sickerette has never jumped into anybody's mouth and lit itself! 


Nonstop Stress!

Posted by Thomas3.20.2010 Jul 6, 2017

So tomorrow is my last day of work at my old job. What about my benefits? It's questions like these that have plagued me every single day this week. Today I got a message from Comcast, my new employer. The recruiter will call me to set up my new work schedule. If I miss her phone call then I get what's left over after everybody else has picked!

Then at 4 pm today I begin getting phone calls from people that I don't know but live in my area. They are returning my call. WHAT CALL? I didn't call anybody! First, one - then, another....After call 4 I called my telephone provider.

The tech tells me that I'm going to get an app and trace where these calls are originating. In the 20 minutes I'm on the phone with him, I get no less than 5 more calls.....

So I bluntly tell him that I'm not responsible for solving his problem! I can't fight a computer and it has to be a computer because a human being can't possibly call that fast! Then he tells me that I have no choice! "No choice?" say I. (yes my voice was raised by now!) "Why can't you just change my phone number? BTW I just solved your problem for you!" [Duh!] So he goes through the process of finding me a new phone number and what I have to do to reboot my phone to the new number!

Once the number is changed I inform one by one all of my contacts of my new phone number so they know how to get ahold of me - including and especially my new job!

Stress upon stress upon stress!!!!

Did I once think of smoking? N.O.P.E.! That is what Marilyn says when she refers to vigilant, folks! Had I thought of smoking I am vigilant enough to know what to do and to carry out that plan immediately! But I am so comfortable as an EXer that generally speaking even under extreme duress smoking just doesn't cross my mind - 99 out of 100 times!  

So that is FREEDOM!

Have I ever thought of smoking these last, say, 2 Years? You bet! And I got out my nifty Quit Smoking Tool Box and got to work letting go of the thought immediately without hesitation! 

But oftentimes even times like this it just doesn't come up!

This is the vigilant Freedom we want for you! You will get there by working your Quit and giving it time!

Problem solved - for today! Stress over! Time to let go and get a good night's sleep!

I work tomorrow!

Browsing the news today I have been reading about the Smoking Ban that was passed 10 Years ago in England. "Legislation banning smoking in virtually all enclosed public places in England came into effect on 1 July 2007, following similar measures in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Cancer Research UK said there are 1.9 million fewer smokers in Britain than before the smoking ban was introduced. The proportion of 16- to 24-year-olds who smoke has fallen from 26% in 2007 to 17 per cent, a record low and the biggest drop among all age groups. Just 12 per cent of the population would be in favour of reversing the ban, according to a poll of more than 4,300 people carried out on behalf of the charity."

Read more at:

Pub smoking ban: 10 charts that show the impact - BBC News


Then I get to 2 articles bomblasting the ban (could they be sponsored by BIG TOBACCO?)

Being anti-smoking damages your mental health | The Spectator 

The smoking ban ripped the soul out of this country | Coffee House 

Interesting that since these folks can't possibly win scientifically or statistically, they try to gain ground anecdotally calling anti-smoking advocates "crazy" and "cruel."

Methinks something is rotten in the State of England!

Why do people who have Quit Smoking for Years sometimes find that they have lung disease? What we know is that up to 50% of EX-Smokers will be diagnosed with lung disease in their lifetime - a very sobering thought. But Knowledge is Power! Knowing what you are facing provides you with the tools to manage the consequences of decades of smoking.


Some people ask if smokers' lungs heal and others assume that either they do or they don't. Like most things, the truth is a combination. Some things do heal quite nicely but like DNA damage, some lung damage is permanent and may take even more decades to become an issue in our lives. 


Here is an informative article about lung damage caused by smoking:

Do Smokers' Lungs Heal After They Quit? 


Always keep in mind that any time you Quit Smoking you are improving all aspects of your health so it's never too late! Lung disease is progressive and only by quitting smoking can you slow the progression of the disease. Smoking cessation is more powerful than medicines, exercise, diet, or even oxygen therapy! 


If you haven't Quit Smoking the sooner the better. If you have Quit, CONGRATULATIONS! Protect your Quit as if your Life depends on it - because it does!

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