Real Life with COPD

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Nov 18, 2017

Perhaps you may be like I was before I knew COPD. I thought it was for old people who used their Spiriva so they can play and run and chase the grandchildren and then when they're very old and have lived a full and active life (Thank You Advair!) they sit comfortably in a recliner and watch TV.

It didn't seem all that bad!

Now I'm a nearly 60 Year old man with a job and COPD. 

Let me share what it's like for me. 

I have been to the Doctor 10 times in the last 2 Months. I've had ear infections, asthma attacks, panic attacks, 3 chest Xrays, Prednisone 2 times (a very harsh steroid) and acute bronchitis. Oh yea - depression!

So far I've been able to go to work enough to keep my job but you can imagine my trepidation that I will not be able to maintain! 

When I was 30 I thought 60 was old. When I was 40 I thought 70 was old. Once I got to be 50 I thought 80 was old. Definitely not 60! But I am a middle aged man with very old lungs! 

I cough so hard I pull muscles in my chest. I have a constant upper respiratory congestion. I'm getting osteoporosis from all of the steroids I take. I now take antidepressants and Ativan every day. I actually take 18 meds a day every day.

Yet I am very fortunate! I still have 50% of my lung capacity and can walk, climb stairs, work full time, pick up my Penny and little Tahlia, accomplish activities of daily living. That's because I exercise, eat right, vaccinate, avoid pollution and dust, but most of all because 7 Years ago when I was diagnosed with emphysema March 14, 2010 I decided right then and there that I would Quit Smoking on March 20 - and I did! 

Smoking Cessation is the only known treatment that slows the progression of COPD.

Find out more at COPD!

If you smoke - Quit ASAP! If you Quit -protect your Quit as if your Life depends on it - because it does! I'm not talking just Quantity - I mean Quality!

This is no picnic!

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