No Joke!

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Oct 19, 2017

I see so many people on here with COPD who have been told to Quit Smoking. 


It is breaking my heart that we can't seem to get through to you - smoking is not an option! If you haven't been diagnosed with COPD or with mild COPD don't for a minute think that you're safe and can keep smoking or "I'll quit in my own time!" 

The TIME is now!


Every one of us knows that it is a challenge but we also know that quitting never killed anybody and smoking definitely does! There's heart disease, diabetes, lung disease, cancer - every one of them exacerbated by smoking! All Killers!


I know I sound a bit desperate right now. That's because I have spent 6 of the last 21 days at my Doctor's office. I take some 15 meds a day (some more than once a day.) I'm struggling to work and support my Family. I got overtired going for a walk with my Granddaughter yesterday! I'm tired!


Do you think Quitting is hard? Living with Smoking related illness is much, much harder!


You have a choice - go through some discomfort from withdrawal, some big adjustments to lifestyle, some mental struggles NOW or go through all of that because you now know that you have a Smoking Related Illness.


The decision is yours! You can Quit Smoking for LIFE!

Why Bother?