Thought Vomit!

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Oct 2, 2017

That's a pretty apt description of what happens to your Addicted Brain the second it gets the clue that you're deciding to Quit Smoking! Your Addicted Brain has one single goal - keep the Nicotine acomin' no matter what! You see, this Addiction convinces us that we have to have Nicotine to live - let alone happily. 

And being a part of you - your Brain knows all of the right things to say to convince you that it's right!

"You're nervous because you aren't smoking!"

"You're unhappy because you don't smoke!"

"You're mean and ugly because you decided to quit!"

"Your family hates seeing you miserable - have a cig! You'll feel better!"

"Your friends won't like you if you don't give in!"

It goes on and on! 

There is only one goal - have that next fix ASAP!

"C'mon - One won't hurt!"

"Nobody will know!"

"You have a right to smoke - darn it!"

Whatever! It's all a pack of Nico-Lies created by your own Brain because your Brain has been physically changed by Nicotine! 

But you can beat Addiction!

You can use a separate part of your Brain - the Executive Control! Yes, it was weakened by Nicotine Addiction but this part can't be hijacked - and that's your ticket out!

You make the absolute solemn decision that you will not smoke no matter what highly motivating thoughts, highly emotional feelings, what loaded facts of Life happen to you! I know that this Thought Vomit is highly compelling but you can decide to act for FREEDOM! That's Executive Control! I made a decision and I respect myself enough to honor this decision in spite of the whining, begging, pleading, convincing, arguing that your Brain decides to vomit on you!

Guess what? Just like a 2-Year-Old throwing a temper tantrum your Brain knows you! It catches on real quick that it just plain won't work! And just like a 2-Year-Old just like that it stops! Whew! 

Not that once in awhile it won't pull a fast try on you again, just to test the boundaries but when you are 100% steady in your Commitment the thought vomit stops! Your Brain is smart enough to know if that will work with you or not! Just wait till you have that first drink! Thought Vomit!

You have to become your own Parent to follow up on the 2-Year-Old metaphor! You have to lovingly set boundaries and say yeah, I know you're miserable for now but you can and will live without smoking! People do it every day! [Did you know that more people have quit smoking than are smoking - that even though only 6% of those who "try to quit" actually succeed?] Don't try to Quit - Just Do It!

The mental part of Addiction is 99% of the Quit Process! The physical part if you go Smart Turkey is over in 3 Days! 

This website is chock full of Great Advice that has led many, many people achieve what you came here to get - Smoke FREE Living!


Stop the Thought Vomit! You CAN do this!

[Every once in a blue moon my thoughts have a teeny tiny almost inaudible burb, Says "Excuse me" and gets back with the program!]