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What It's ALL About!

Posted by Thomas3.20.2010 Sep 26, 2017

I spent an absolutely perfect day with Miss Penny and Miss Tahlia! Believe it or not Tahlia is already 1 Month old! She weighs 11 lbs 5.6 oz. Now that's a Big Girl! Miss Penny is now 1 Year 9 Months and just such a Lady! I never thought anybody could possibly win my heart like Penelope but guess what - There's infinite room in my heart for both these little Angels!

The Best Feeling ever is that these little darlings will never ever smell Sickerettes on their Abuelo! Not in a Million Years! I quit smoking 7 Years ago long before my Son was married and honestly, Listen up newbies, you have to quit smoking for you! But your entire Family, even your Friends, and yes, hasta your acquaintances will benefit from your Quit!

How so? Simply because addiction blocks us from fulfilling our potential in a big way! Get all addiction behind you and I promise you that you will grow in leaps and bounds as an outstanding individual!


World Lung Day!

Posted by Thomas3.20.2010 Sep 25, 2017

On 25 September 2017, World Lung Day will be formally observed for the first time all over the world. To create awareness among people about the lung problem and its rapid growth, World Lung Day will be observed from this year on all over the world.

Today's topic is working together for better lung health, which stands on three pillars – education, exercise, and eradication of risk factors.

People need to be educated on the causes of lung disease. The age-old adage that sneezing and coughing spread diseases can be passed on to people. When it comes to exercise, children should be inspired to run and play in the fresh air instead of being glued to phones and computer games. The other is eradication of risk factors. For example, we can spread the idea how avoiding smoking can reduce the risk of lung complications.

21% people of the age over 40 suffer from COPD disease – one of the greatest causes of death around the world. It means that people at their productive age like 35 often get their respiratory system or particularly lungs damaged. Whatever treatment is provided at this stage, one cannot get back to his previous health. Developing complications at such a productive age impacts all aspects of his life and family. It can be prevented by avoiding smoking.

Men around the world are vulnerable to COPD in urbanities due to exposure to vehicle fumes, while women are prone to COPD in rural areas due to exposure to fuel woods and charcoal used even in enclosed spaces used for cooking, heat, and heated water.

Anti-smoking awareness should be raised. In case of Tuberculosis, we observe that it spreads greatly in over-populated areas and the places where sanitation has not been ensured.

We need clean air for healthy life. We need healthy lung. Unfortunately, lung disease constitutes one-third of all diseases. Occupational lung diseases are increasing. We are trying to create awareness among people in this regard. Substances such as asbestos, fiberglass insulation, coal dust, and silicone cause work related lung damage every day.

Our respiratory system, one of the most vital parts of our body, is open to air. You draw air in for Oxygen without even knowing what you are actually inhaling. This air contains many poisonous components like lead. All these are the result of air pollution. We smoke without knowing what we are spreading. Our children are becoming the worst victims of the air we let out in the process of smoking. 

Lung and health mostly depend on the environment. The reason behind so many children suffering from asthma is dust and smoke. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) disease is the third leading cause of death around the world. The number one cause of this disease is smoking. Almost 80% cases of the disease are caused by smoking. Rest 20% is the result of other environmental hazards. Once the pollution comes down to the minimal level, respiratory diseases will be minimum as well.

Forum for International Respiratory Society has prepared a memorandum on May 25, 2017, and all the major respiratory societies became its signatories. The focal point of this memorandum is 'United for Lung Health'. It implies that all the people from all spheres should be the beneficiaries of this initiative. Consisting of six articles in the memorandum, the main point of the article 1 is clean air and healthy lung. Another issue is ensuring smoke-free environment, for example, avoiding smoking and smoke-producing factors like burning woods. 

Article 2 focuses on recognition of challenges. Identifying preventable deaths, ensuring hospitalization, reducing physical and mental sufferings of patients and capacity building fall under the purview of this article. Cost-effective treatment is also a condition mentioned in this article. 

Article 3 mainly mentions preventable causes. HIV, the mystery yet to be solved by medical researchers, takes a toll on lungs. Pneumonia and other lung complications should be prevented in childhood. 

Article 4 dictates access to effective management. It is often observed that many people cannot get access to healthcare system due to high cost, transport problem and social stigma.

Article 5 focuses on high-quality researches. We need customized research programs to deal with lung complications in the country. 

Article 6 mainly promotes two slogans. No nation is spared from lung disease. No person, organization or country will conquer lung disease on its own. We are all connected by the air we share.

 Around 65 million people around the world are suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), of which around 3 million die every year. Ten million people get affected by Tuberculosis every year, of which around 1.5 million die every year. There are pneumonia and other lung diseases as well. Among others, those who are suffering from lung complications have air pollution to blame. 

What can I do? Live smoke free today - for yourself and those around you!

Celebrate your quit journey!

Thank your amazing lungs for the hard work they do for you every breath you take!

Promote politically for clean air and environment! Call your legislators and tell them that clean air is important to you!

Do one small thing today to make clean air free of cigarette smoke and pollutants a priority!


Please Pray!

Posted by Thomas3.20.2010 Sep 19, 2017

This is urgent! Please pray for the People effected by yet another earthquake in Mexico. This one was much closer to Mexico City in the State of Morelos. At least 43 people are known dead and this figure is expected to rise dramatically. Whole buildings in Mexico City have collapsed including to school buildings full of children! 

I'm terrified for my Friends and Family who live in Morelos, Estado de Mexico and Mexico City! Today is the anniversary of the devastating earthquake of 1985 that killed at least 5,000 people!


Just One!

Posted by Thomas3.20.2010 Sep 16, 2017

Who of us hasn't had these nefarious thoughts?


"Just one won't hurt me!"

"I won't relapse with just one!" 

"Not one puff ever is too strict! After a Year I can become social smoker!"


All of these thoughts are typical of the bargaining stage of the normal Smoking Cessation Process! Good Grief!

And they will all absolutely lead to relapse! There are dozens of examples throughout this website to testify to the reality:

The Law of Addiction:  "Administration of a drug to an addict will cause re-establishment of chemical dependence upon the addictive substance."


What's more, there is no safe level of first or second hand smoke:

Scientists are reporting that cigarette smoke begins to cause genetic damage within minutes — not years — after inhalation into the lungs. Their report, the first human study to detail the way certain substances in tobacco cause DNA damage linked to cancer, appears in Chemical Research in Toxicology, one of 38 peer-reviewed scientific journals published by the American Chemical Society.


A different study was done in Spain to compare smokers' lung tissue and Moderate COPD lung tissues. Their conclusion:

"The 'healthy' smokers experience similar gene expression changes as those seen in smokers who have developed the disease", concludes Ricardo Bastos. "This once again underlines the decisive role of smoking in causing these changes". Bastos' team of researchers used PCR technique to study 42 genes related to tissue and vascular inflammation and changes in the proteins that code these genes.

In another 2016 study: 

Using the non-smokers as the baseline comparison group, Jaspers’ team found that smoking cigarettes decreased the gene expression of 53 genes important for the immune response of epithelial cells. Using e-cigarettes decreased the gene expression of 358 genes important for immune defense—including all 53 genes implicated in the smoking group.

“We compared these genes one by one,” lead researcher Ilona Jaspers, professor of pediatrics, and microbiology and immunology at the UNC Medical Center, says, “And we found that each gene common to both groups was suppressed more in the e-cigarette group. We currently do not know exactly how e-cigarettes do this.”


There's more but I don't want to get tedious - I just enjoy researching research!


The take-away message is this:

Don't believe the NIco-Lies! 

Sickerettes are like wolves,

They travel in packs!


Danger at Home!

Posted by Thomas3.20.2010 Sep 16, 2017

Third-Hand Exposure to Cigarette Smoke Can Still Damage Your Organs

It just gets worse over time.

16 SEP 2017

Links between disease and tobacco have been clear for half a century now, while the harmful effects of second-hand 'passive' smoking have been studied since the mid-1980s.

Now we have reason to suspect that the residue left behind by the aerosols from cigarettes on clothing and furniture can continue to affect our health, making third-hand smoke a health risk we need to start paying attention to.

You don't need us to tell you smoking isn't exactly the healthy hobby once claimed by tobacco companies (and the occasional unscrupulous physician).

With as many as one in five deaths in the US now attributed to long term smoking, the debate over whether the additives and natural components of dried tobacco that hit the lungs can damage our cells and biochemistry is a settled one.

The consequences of passive smoking – inhaling the smoke particles that permeates the surrounding air – can also be rather nasty, being linked with a whole list of health conditions including coronary and lung disease, lung cancer, SIDS, asthma, and ear infections in children.


Since second hand smoke isn't something we necessarily volunteer to breathe in, many governments have taken to banning smoking in an increasing number of public areas.


Now we might need to consider how far the health impacts of those cigarette toxins reach, with a growing pile of evidence suggesting even once the air has cleared, the chemicals left by cigarettes continue to be problem.


In third-hand smoke (THS), particles coming directly from burning tobacco and exhaled smoke tend to accumulate on surfaces such as clothing, furniture, and hair. Anybody who has come home after a night out at a smoke-friendly venue would know the fragrance of THS.


These particles are more than just a need to reach for deodoriser – if they accumulate over time they can react with the air to form new carcinogens such as compounds of nitrosamine.


Having evidence of carcinogens hanging about in an environment is one thing. Now we have reason to think it doesn't take very long for those chemicals to be actually doing some damage.


"Our goal was to determine the minimum amount of time required to cause physiological changes in mice when they are exposed to THS, using an exposure system that mimics human exposure," says researcher Manuela Martins-Greenfrom the University of California, Riverside.

By placing various materials dosed with cigarette smoke in with caged mice, the research team was able to mimic the effects of an environment heavy with THS.

Over the following six months, the mice had brain, liver, and serum samples taken for testing.

The researchers looked at hormonal changes, insulin resistance, metabolic effects, and any signs of damage to liver and nervous tissues.

It didn't take long for them to notice an effect.

"We found that THS exposure as early as one month resulted in liver damage," says Martins-Green.

"THS exposure for two months resulted in further molecular damage, and at four to six months caused even more such damage. We also found that the mice showed insulin resistance after long-term THS exposure."

Since the liver serves as the body's cleaning station, chemicals that impede its function could potentially increase in toxicity in an increasingly destructive cycle.

The researchers also noticed a steady increase in stress hormones over the duration of the study, leading to immune fatigue that also risked further damage.


It's important to emphasise that the research was conducted on mice under ideal laboratory conditions. The real world isn't as neat and people aren't tiny rodents.


Still, it's a good opportunity to consider the potential risks, especially as the links continue to gain strength.


In spite of regulations that attempt to curb where and when people can smoke, home environments are still places where people freely light up.

With aerosols clinging to carpets, clothing, and couch fabric, THS could be regarded as the new silent killer for children who touch these surfaces on a regular basis.


"Although our research was not done on humans, people should be aware that hotel rooms, cars, and homes that were occupied by smokers are very likely to be contaminated with THS," says Martins-Green.


It's always a good time to quit smoking. Now any season is also a good time for a spring clean. 


This research was published in Clinical Science.


Friendly Reminder!

Posted by Thomas3.20.2010 Sep 15, 2017

Folks lets get on it! We have new members asking for our attention and I would hate to see them fall through the cracks. Tinkergina69 and naptown come to mind. Years ago, Bonnie and I had a game we played - fishing for newbies. Maybe we should initiate that game again! As we go about our busy lives and grow our relationships. please don''t overlook the folks just peeking from the gate! Grab a hand, give a welcome hug and lets get them out here on the playground!


Vaper Caper

Posted by Thomas3.20.2010 Sep 15, 2017

We've long heard how e-cigarettes were developed so that smokers who don't have access to cigarettes have a "safe alternative." We've endlessly heard that e-cigarettes help folks quit smoking.


But right now there is a big convention called European Respiratory Society International Congress meeting right now. Two of the newest presentations contrdict both arguments in favor of e-cigarette use. 


"One study examined 122 of the most commonly sold e-cigarette liquids in nine European countries and found that all contained at least one substance classified as a health risk.


The other study, a survey of more than 30,000 people in Sweden, found that e-cigarette use was most common among people who already smoke, and that people who use both experience more symptoms, such as a persistent cough, wheezing and coughing up mucus."


"Based on this work, we also think users should be aware that e-cigarettes are not risk-free, and that doctors should inform their patients that e-cigarettes may contain respiratory irritants."


Read More: 


Become an educated consumer. Watch what you put into your lungs. They have to last you a lifetime and lung tissue does not heal!


BooHoo Menthol!

Posted by Thomas3.20.2010 Sep 12, 2017

This article talks about what would happen if 8 Senators are able to make menthol Sickerettes illegal:

Which Tobacco Company Gets Hurt Most by a Menthol Cigarette Ban? -- The Motley Fool 

What an eye opener! I sure hope this legislature passes! "As many as 40% of menthol cigarette smokers would simply quit." WOW! Sounds like a Great Deal to me!


Please Pray!

Posted by Thomas3.20.2010 Sep 8, 2017

Anybody who is so inclined please pray for all of the folks in the path of Hurricane Irma, yes, but also I beg for your prayers for the people in Oaxaca, Mexico! These folks don't have FEMA or insurance or anything! The death count is rising as we speak! We were so busy watching the hurricanes, we weren't expecting an earthquake on top of it! Normally this quake an 8.2 would be headlines but under the circumstances it''s barely a blip on the news! And please, please donate something anything to the American Red Cross who will now have to find a way to support folks in houston, Florida, the Caribbean and now Oaxaca! God be with us all!

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