Losing Enthusiasm?

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Jul 30, 2017

Anywhere along this Quit Journey we EXperience it! 

We find ourselves wondering why we work so hard to stay Smoke FREE! What's the point? Is it really worth it? It would be so easy to relapse! 

If you find yourself less than enthusiastic about your New Smoke FREE Day perhaps you could use an infusion of Quititude! We can easily fall into the Relapse Trap of "deprivation." Heck, even Smoking Cessation implies stopping a bad behavior. Well, if you're rebellious like me, that doesn't appeal much!

That's why I like Become an EX!

Quititude focuses on what you get not what you give up because honestly, folks we're giving up wasting 2 hours a day and barrels of money lighting up a dead leaf wrapped in poison and dipped into thousands of chemicals!

But what do we get?

We all have our own lists. Mine is very long! I have worked on it continuously for 7 + Years! 

I get ME! My body, my mind, my spirit, my Soul!

I get more Family and Friends - more time and better Quality!

I get better relationships in general! I have more empathy and confidence, character and wisdom!

I get a better environment! I have a nice clean home, car, workplace...

I get better at work! I have more concentration, confidence, perseverence!

....the list goes on and on!

Are you working your Quititude? It's an Essential Element of Recovery! It's the twin of 

Keep them away from your Face!