Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Jul 22, 2017

There are Experts and there are EXperts!


When I was Addicted to Nicotine I considered myself an Expert! I had smoked for decades, had "quit" dozens of times, and thought I knew all there is to know about Nicotine Addiction!


Sure, I knew what it feels like to be an Addict and also what physical withdrawal is like - all too familiar!


But I had a lot to learn about Nicotine Cessation and Recovery! Honestly, I had a lot to learn about Nicotine Addiction, too, even though I couldn't see it at the time!


Did you ever wonder why The Easy Way is so effective at helping many people Quit Smoking?


It's the very carefully honed use of words and their repetition. It's a kind of reverse Brainwashing! Since Nicotine literally hijacks our Addicted Brains, The Easy Way hijacks them back one word at a time!


Words are very important! They create thoughts and thoughts generate feelings and we're often led by our emotions. So how we speak to ourselves about Nicotine Addiction and Recovery makes a huge difference in our Success!


Tentative words like "try" and "hope" leave an open ending - a less than 100% commitment! 


Without 100% commitment we can sneak out the back door of our Minds and given the chance an Addict being an Addict will take the option every chance they can get! It's what Addicts do! They look for and find or make an Excuse to get out of their resolve!


In order to Succeed in Quitting you have to Commit and then be willing to discover your New World of Smoke FREE Living without being able to see it first! We don't really know what we're Committing to! When Allen Carr or EXperts tell you that it's worth it, that it's not just Better - it's Incredible! - we have to have a kind of blind trust that they're telling us the Truth!


So here's what the True EXpert is! Not somebody that has 4 degrees from the most prestigious Universities, 30 Years experience in Smoking Cessation Science, or even a Lifetime as an Addict.....


An EXpert knows the absolutely awesome, incredible, fantastic, splendiferous feeling of Becoming an EX because we were where you are now and now we are where you want to be! We know what it feels like to be Addicted and we know what it feels like to be FREE and we know how to get from here to there! And you can get there, too!


Listen to your EXperts even if you think you know it all already! You'll be surprised what you find out!