Nonstop Stress!

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Jul 6, 2017

So tomorrow is my last day of work at my old job. What about my benefits? It's questions like these that have plagued me every single day this week. Today I got a message from Comcast, my new employer. The recruiter will call me to set up my new work schedule. If I miss her phone call then I get what's left over after everybody else has picked!

Then at 4 pm today I begin getting phone calls from people that I don't know but live in my area. They are returning my call. WHAT CALL? I didn't call anybody! First, one - then, another....After call 4 I called my telephone provider.

The tech tells me that I'm going to get an app and trace where these calls are originating. In the 20 minutes I'm on the phone with him, I get no less than 5 more calls.....

So I bluntly tell him that I'm not responsible for solving his problem! I can't fight a computer and it has to be a computer because a human being can't possibly call that fast! Then he tells me that I have no choice! "No choice?" say I. (yes my voice was raised by now!) "Why can't you just change my phone number? BTW I just solved your problem for you!" [Duh!] So he goes through the process of finding me a new phone number and what I have to do to reboot my phone to the new number!

Once the number is changed I inform one by one all of my contacts of my new phone number so they know how to get ahold of me - including and especially my new job!

Stress upon stress upon stress!!!!

Did I once think of smoking? N.O.P.E.! That is what Marilyn says when she refers to vigilant, folks! Had I thought of smoking I am vigilant enough to know what to do and to carry out that plan immediately! But I am so comfortable as an EXer that generally speaking even under extreme duress smoking just doesn't cross my mind - 99 out of 100 times!  

So that is FREEDOM!

Have I ever thought of smoking these last, say, 2 Years? You bet! And I got out my nifty Quit Smoking Tool Box and got to work letting go of the thought immediately without hesitation! 

But oftentimes even times like this it just doesn't come up!

This is the vigilant Freedom we want for you! You will get there by working your Quit and giving it time!

Problem solved - for today! Stress over! Time to let go and get a good night's sleep!

I work tomorrow!