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Convince Me!

Posted by Thomas3.20.2010 Mar 29, 2017

It's almost like a dare!


"Convince me that I can Quit Smoking! Make me want it! Yea, I know it's bad for my health but I have plenty of time to Quit!"


- But don't hurt my feelings!


I have too much going on in my life - too busy, too much stress. Maybe tomorrow, maybe next Month!


When you come here we've heard this before - heck, we were this before!


When do you Quit?


It isn't rocket science, guys! Keep them away from your face! You get lots of FREE time by quitting because we spent so darn much time puffing away! You can READ, READ and READ some more during all that time!


Don't set your quit for tomorrow! We have a saying in Spanish: "Tomorrow never gets here!"


TODAY is a Marvelous Day to Live Smoke FREE!



A Fresh Start!

Posted by Thomas3.20.2010 Mar 28, 2017

This last Month I was being systematically harassed at work. But I came to this job to get away from stress and I have learned a lot about stress management. The most basic thing I learned is to stay in the moment!


That training which took some time made it possible for me to first recognize what was happening to me. I also learned that this person's opinion of me is none of my business but that I have a right to work in Peace! So I honestly don't care why they chose to hassle me but guess what - I put a stop to it!


Did I yell, argue, defend? NO! I quietly dismissed this person's comments in the moment and then reported them for harassment. Now, I know that in their mind I am the person who stressed them out but that's OK! I know how it went down and I know that my boss agrees with me. I gave her concrete examples of things said and done that were unequivicol - in writing.


Now, I could walk around still feeling hurt and vulnerable or I can put this whole messy thing behind me. We will still have to work closely together about once a week. I will be fine! That is the strength of stress management.


Now, Sickerettes are bullies! That relentlessly explode your brain with thoughts throwing temper tantrums and attacking you and yourself-esteem until you give in!


But you don't have to be a victim! You can bring in the heavy guns - US! We will help straighten out that twisted thinking caused by addiction! We will see for what it is all the lies and deceptions and we will call them out!


You could walk around feeling hurt and vulnerable or you can put the whole messy thing behind you! That is the strength of stress management!


Stay in the moment! This isn't about the past! This is about right now! The future is simply a series of nows so keep stacking those moments into days, those days into weeks, those weeks into Months! Those Months into Years of



What is the Goal?

Posted by Thomas3.20.2010 Mar 26, 2017

There are so many different kinds of Nicotine Products. If I don't want to smoke I can still use bidis, chew, cigars, dip, strips, orbs, lozenges, e-cigs, hookahs, kreteks, pipes, snuff, snus, ...well, you get the picture!

So what is your goal? Is it "harm reduction" or is it FREEDOM from Addiction?


For me nothing short of FREEDOM is good enough! Harm reduction is a flimsy argument. It goes like this - yes, you will be an Addict - probably for Life! And you can still get sick - with cancer, emphysema, etc... but your chances are better!


I deserve to live a Life Addiction FREE!


I'm done bargaining with my Addiction!


Nicotine is not an option! That's my ultimate goal! It doesn't mean I can't use NRTs with the limited and specific goal to reach an Addiction FREE Life but it's not the end goal! I don't want to chew nicotine gum or wear patches for the rest of my Life! I want FREEDOM!


It's worth it!

I'm worth it!


Public Policy

Posted by Thomas3.20.2010 Mar 25, 2017

We don't stack up very well!

It matters because health care policy is being changed as we speak not only ACA but funding with the budget that has not been voted on yet.


Gambling Addiction

Posted by Thomas3.20.2010 Mar 25, 2017

That's what I was! I never gambled with money because honestly, money in my mind was more important than me! I gambled with my Life! I did it over and over again for 20 Years!

I hoped that I would get that Life back by bargaining with Nicotine Addiction. But I was making a one-sided deal. I promised that if Sickerettes would only provide me with a little Comfort and Self-Esteem I would be willing to forfeit my money, time, relationships to be with them.

I bargained that if I stay away for a while I can play around with my Sickerettes without getting sick.

But Sickerettes are just dead leaves - they can't keep their side of my little bargains. Besides - they're Sickerettes! Of course, they'll make us sick!

Uh oh! I hear some Addicts out there saying, "Well, I'm not sick!" Well, yes, you are - maybe not physically (that you know about) but spiritually, mentally and emotionally! It can't be otherwise!

Did that stop me from gambling again? Heck, no! I needed the thrills and highs of beating the odds like a tight wire rope trick -

"Look at me! I smoke and there's nothing wrong with me! Ha Ha!"

Twisted - that's what my Addicted Brain was!

This dead leaf could make me feel more worthy? Of what? Dying slooooooowly?

I quit dozens of times and bargained some more -

"If I just quit for One Month (Six Months, One Year)  my lungs will be clear - and, the best part of all - my high will feel higher with less tobacco!"

What a genius! NOT!

Sunday March 14, 2010 was my Day of reckoning when the illusion of health, of winning, all came crashing down! The lung infection I had that day caused a fever of 102. The X-ray showed uncontestable evidence of emphysema. The bargain was over - the Lie revealed!

For me, Serial Quitting was supposed to be the Best of both Worlds. I could sometimes be Smober, sometimes be "Quit but smoking," sometimes be a Closet Smoker - but never have to be Recovered - that's too much to ask!

Well, rude awakening - Quit means Quit - not just smober - but actually doing the hard work of Recovery!

The good news - Recovery gave me what Sickerettes promised but never delivered - Comfort and Self Esteem!

If I had only known!

Now, you do!

Bargaining with your Addiction will never give you what you really want out of Life!

Recovery will!


Stuff Happens

Posted by Thomas3.20.2010 Mar 21, 2017

Most if not all of us had been smoking longer than we can remember and we started just young folks not well versed in Life. Smoking like any Addiction arrests our maturation and leaves us in some emotional ways stunted.


It's not surprising that when we Quit Smoking which is a major process in our Lives we can't tell what parts of junk that happens in our lives belongs to our Quit Journey or if it's just Life itself being emotionally faced full on for the first time in our Lives!


One of the many Blessings of Quitting Smoking is Living Life on Life's Terms! The good, the bad and the ugly!


Before I quit whatever happened I would smoke up a storm thinking that it made me better, made the situation better, helped me to stay calm in a crisis. The truth is it didn't help at all! Between Nicotine Fits I still faced the same problem - I just smoked it into procrastination! It had to drive my poor Wife crazy! By the time I landed she had made everything better - not the Sickerette! But guess what got the credit?


After 7 Years, I have moments that suck. (I try not to let them blow up into days in my mind) But that really is Life. It's not the Sickerette's fault. It's not the withdrawal's fault. It's not the Recovery's fault. Some stuff isn't anybody or anything's fault - it's Life! Now I finally get what my Wife was saying that I couldn't hear!


Give Recovery a chance, give yourself a chance, give LIFE a chance!

authentic happiness

Two leading elements of a Successful Quit are Determination and Support. The more determined you are leads the pack by far! Societal acceptance or rejection of smoking culture comes second and the influence of people close to you a near number three.


No, you don't have to wait until you're ready! By the time you're ready you could have a smoking related illness causing no choice but to quit.

You joined this site - so you already have the desire to quit! Let that desire grow! Be willing and take each day in segments. Build in lots of natural rewards. Tap into your dopamine system and use it!

Dopamine - the Double Edged Blade

Learn about how Smoking Cessation works so you can believe that which is helpful to your Recovery rather than the Addiction driven beliefs. And stick around! Invest your new time and energy in this website! Immerse yourself in a culture of caring and support real enough to call you out on your Addiction and show you the pathways to Success!

There is a lot of Science built into what we're doing here.

You can Quit Smoking today! Tap into your willingness and determination and you're on the right track!




Breathing Matters:

Posted by Thomas3.20.2010 Mar 11, 2017

The Importance of Understanding COPD

Posted: Tuesday, March 7, 2017 1:01 pm | Updated: 2:30 am, Wed Mar 8, 2017.

Brandpoint (BPT)

(BPT) - Breathe in. Breathe out. Just take a moment to inhale and exhale. We too often take breathing for granted, but what if taking a breath was a challenge?

If you’re someone living with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), the third leading cause of death in the United States (US), or know someone living with this chronic respiratory disease, breathing challenges may impact how you live your life. As of 2010, there were more than 14 million people identified as having COPD in the US, and another estimated 12 million people who remain undiagnosed.

In an effort to celebrate life and the important role that breathing plays within it, AstraZeneca has partnered with New York City-based filmmaker Erlendur Sveinsson to produce Ode to Breathing. Ode to Breathing is a documentary-style short film that strings together brief vignettes, providing a moving look at people doing an ordinary yet profound thing: breathing. It can be found online at

People living with COPD or their caregivers can consider the following tips when thinking about respiratory health.

1. Keep an eye on symptom changes. Early COPD detection can impact disease management, which makes it important to monitor for changes in your breathing and recognize symptoms such as shortness of breath while performing daily activities, chronic cough, fatigue and wheezing.

2. Remember, COPD in many cases is preventable. Risk factors to be aware of may include smoking tobacco (including second-hand or passive exposure); indoor air pollution (such as solid fuel used for cooking and heating); outdoor air pollution; occupational dusts and chemicals (vapors, irritants and fumes); and frequent lower respiratory infections during childhood.

3. Stay inspired and educated. Visit Ode to Breathing at and watch the inspirational video and access available helpful resources for COPD patients. One such resource is a free e-book that mayhelp people with respiratory illnesses breathe easier with breathing exercises, tips for making day-to-day activities like chores easier, and ways to manage breathing challenges while at work or traveling.

4. Don’t be afraid to speak with your doctor. If you think you or a loved one may be experiencing COPD symptoms, speak to a healthcare provider to determine what options are available to help you breathe easier to help you enjoy life’s simple moments.

Breathing Matters: The Importance of Understanding COPD - Bloomer Advance Newspaper: Health & Wellness 

If you are curious, need help either as a COPD patient or care provider for a loved one, or just want to be educated about COPD you are Welcome to join our Group COPD! Ask questions, tell us how you feel, share information you have learned or just read and know that you are not alone!

Sadly, 50% of our Community will at some time in their lifetime will be diagnosed with COPD. In fact for every one of us that has been diagnosed there is another who has not been diagnosed but does have COPD! Find out the symptoms and if you have smoked more than 100 Sickerettes in your Lifetime then ask your Doctor for a Spirometry Test! 

Breathing is Important for all of us!


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