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Distraction Deluxe!

Posted by Thomas3.20.2010 May 30, 2016

Have you ever made a photo gallery? A BIG Time Spender that takes a LOT of figuring, printing and cutting photos, framing, hanging, adjusting, Holy mackeral! 

When you Quit Smoking you have lots of EXtra time on your hands and focusing on something you are passionate about is a Wonderful Distraction! My Suggestion: A Photo Gallery of your Family! 

How better to remember your reasons for quitting? I want to see my Family grow and grow!

Maybe gals find it easier than I did but I can't imagine it can be less than engrossing for anybody!

I sure hope my Wife appreciates her Birthday Present!


CT Scan

Posted by Thomas3.20.2010 May 26, 2016

I recently had a CT Scan at my own request. It was not covered by insurance and cost me $200 out of pocket. For me, it was worth it since it screens lung cancer, emphysema damage and heart damage. My results were very affirming in that there were no surprises. 

Here is a notice from the Mayo Clinic:

I have 6+ Years Smoke Free! For me it made sense even out of pocket. Is it time to have that discussion with your Doctor?


This was about 20 Years ago.

At that time I knew nothing about Nicotine or about Smoking Cessation. I just had put down my "last" sickerette and didn't pick up another one until...

I had convinced myself that I could hang out at my favorite smoking corners. I believed that I could chill with my buddies on their smoke breaks. I even said to myself that it helped me stay quit because I didn't have to sacrifice my lifestyle for my Quit. 

So I spent the boys night out at a friend's house playing cards while they smoked up a storm Of course, there were a few beers with the cards and smokes....

And I just said, "What the heck! I'll smoke just one,,,,"

One turned into 3 that night and I thought it would be easy to get smober in the morning!


I was hooked and other than a few jitter-quits I smoked nonstop for the next 12 Years! 

This time I educated myself on Nicotine, Tobacco, and Smoking Cessation. I learned about Addiction and Addictive Behavior. I quit 6 Years 2 Months ago and now I know what I didn't know then!

You can't hang out in the old places with the old people while they smoke around you! Sooner or later - usually sooner - you will pick up that "just one" and you will forfeit your Quit!

Smoking Cessation a.k.a. Nicotine Recovery means lifestyle change pure and simple! It's not easy but it is simple! 




Keep rocking your Quit Journey like you mean it!


Nothing Happening!

Posted by Thomas3.20.2010 May 18, 2016

I just love it!

Here lately I've had too much excitement in my life1 It's so nice to be in my little routine with my Wife, my Job, my Family, my Friends, my Stuff! Days come and Days go all pretty much the same! 

What a Blessing!

Who could smoke with this prescious little girl in their arms?

Not ever!




I would rather die than Quit on my Quit!


Actions Matter!

Posted by Thomas3.20.2010 May 5, 2016

Ever feel like slugging somebody? OK Ladies, maybe not actually hit somebody but tell them off?

Did you do it? You may have decided that you choose not to live with the consequences!

Same thing with Quitting Smoking!

Just because you feel like smoking does not mean that you forfeit your choice! You can be compelled - mightily and still decide to not smoke!

Nothing and nobody can make you smoke - EXcept YOU! Do you really like the consequences?



Life Happens!

Posted by Thomas3.20.2010 May 2, 2016

So last Friday (ten days ago) I injured my back at my new job. While at the clinic (for 5 count them 5 Hours!) my boss called me and told me that I had a Felony Warrant! He told me that I was barred from working again until I prove myself innocent!!!!

Now how do you prove yourself innocent? Evidently not by walking into the local police station and getting a statement from the cops that I have no warrants! Nor by getting clearance on the Colorado Bureau of Investigations website! Nor by going to the Court House and certfying  that I have no warrants misdemeanor or felony!

No!!!! None of that proves that you are innocent! You have to wait for a letter to come in the mail and then follow their instructions! EXcept the letter never gets here! 

Did I smoke? N.O.P.E.! I could have quit my job but maybe, just maybe this mysterious warrant will follow me to the next job offer. It certainly would have gotten me fired from both of my current jobs! But smoking wouldn't change any of this! Smoking has nothing to do with this! Because I am Smoke FREE!

Miraculously, just as magically as this felony warrant fell out of the sky, my innocence also magically happened per corporate - a week later! And just like that, all is well!

Will I smoke for Joy? N.O.P.E.! Smoking has nothing to do with this! Not one thing! It wouldn't have made the bad Better or made the better even better! It would only poison my lungs and hijack my Brain and that's just not going to happen!

Smoke FREE is the Only Way to Live!

[I have never had so much as a parking ticket or speeding ticket in my entire life!]


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