Addiction Fiction

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Dec 22, 2016

So many lies! Where to begin?

Nico-lies all have one thing in common - they are constructs of your mind designed to motivate you to smoke one more! Just one little puff because .....X,Y, Z.

The becauses don't deserve your focus - they're all lies!

What does merit your attention is a Fact:

Feelings and Thoughts do not have to be obeyed! Yes, they motivate - but you still get to decide! And with Addiction you can lead with the decision!

No Matter What I will not smoke! No matter what feelings, what thoughts, what internal or external earthquake I have decided to deal with all of this Smoke FREE!

We can (and have) given you dozens of ways to deal with those earthquakes while assuring you that smoking is not required!

Practice and time make it all more doable each day!

Where to begin? Begin with the Decision! N.O.P.E.! The feelings and thoughts will follow!