Children Make the Holidays Delightful!

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Dec 15, 2016

Yesterday I spent the day with my Children and Granddaughter celebrating my 59th Birthday. The entire time I thought about how glad I am that their Abuelo doesn't stink from Sickerettes! I can hug and kiss my Loved Ones knowing my breath is fresh, my skin is clean, my clothes are free of stench! 

But it's not just the stink of Second and Third Hand Smoke! Smoking pollutes our houses, cars, clothes, everything we touch with deadly toxins! We endanger our little ones and small pets the most!

In fact, second hand smoke causes 41,000 deaths/Year in the USA - that we know about! Some slip under the radar for sure! This figure only includes lung cancer and heart disease. SHS causes low birth weight, sudden nfant death syndrome, cognitive impairment, behavioral problems, respiratory tract infection, asthma and who knows what else!

Just yesterday, a report of non-smoking COPD prevalance came out that reflects this reality. Among non-smoking African-American women it's as high as 7% of their demographic!

Pets are also at very high risk of illness including dogs, cats, birds, fish, and guinea pigs. They have increased risk of developing, cancer, lung disease and heart disease.

“Like children, dogs and cats spend a lot of time on or near the floor, where tobacco smoke residue concentrates in house dust, carpets and rugs. Then, it gets on their fur. Dogs, cats and children not only breathe in these harmful substances, but pets can also ingest them by licking their owner’s hair, skin and clothes,” said Carmela Stamper, an FDA veterinarian

So if you are struggling with your Quit and reasons to quit or stay quit, add these benefits to your list! You are protecting your loved ones, especially your innocent babies and furbabies!

Celebrate your Quit Gift to your entire Household and Enjoy the Holidays!