Eye Surgery!

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Dec 8, 2016

Please remember me tomorrow afternoon in your prayers. I will have the second cataract surgery - this one in my right eye. The good Doctor Apple will be the surgeon again. 

I'm nervous still! I watched cataract surgery on YouTube  because I really wanted to know but now I wish I hadn't! 

Instead of calming me down - it made my anxiety worse! 

I have to work this evening and am hoping that staying busy and thinking of others will help the time pass quicker! Plus it's below zero cold here and I'm scared my COPD willo flare and screw everything up!

I need this surgery before the end of the Ye3ar for insurance deductible and also before I can take the physical for my new job. That makes me nervous. too!

No matter how whacked out I feel - I won't smoke! But I am scared!