A Language of our Own!

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Nov 14, 2016

When you come here with your own views of quitting you find out quickly that this language is not reflected by those who have some time under their belt – even a few weeks!

There is an entirely different perspective to learn and new concepts to take in!

For Example, we won’t tell you that cutting back or using e-cigs are great ideas. We won’t talk about harm reduction as a good strategy.

We won’t tell you that Willpower works!

We won’t EXcuse your many traumas as “reasons” to relapse.

We won’t tell you that it takes 7-9 relapses before it sticks. It only takes NOW!

We have our own hard-earned truths.

First, We live by N.O.P.E.!





We believe the only way to be is Addiction FREE!

We believe in S.I.N.AO.!






-          Which leads to the following question – What do we do instead? Not only on Day 1 but on Day 100, Day 1000, or any other Day we have a challenge with Nicotine Addiction.

We believe in N.E.F.!




We don’t see Smoking Cessation as an event. It is a Lifelong Journey! That’s not to say that we’ll feel deprived and suffering forever! NO! We like to enjoy our new-found Smoke FREE Life!

(O.K. not at first but you will get there and within a few short Months after decades of Addiction!)

We use other language to reminds you of why you’re here – Sickerettes, Quititude, Doable, etc… to remind you that we’re not here to help you justify your continued use because your situation is unique but to show you how that situation, whatever it is, has been made worse by your Addiction – not better ever!

Language is a powerful instrument in our lives. How you speak – especially to yourself – effects how you feel and if you allow it, how you act!

So learn the language, get into the routine of reading the blogs, comments, or just plain snooping other folks’ pages and soon you will think like a BecomeanEXer -

And who knows, maybe, you will find a way to “Keep them away from your Face!”

And even more surprising, to become a Happy Quitter!


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