Easy? Not So Fast!

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Nov 2, 2016

Some of us, I was one of these folks, find "quitting" no big deal. 


That's where the rub comes in!

We think because it's "easy" we don't need help! We've got this! 

For me, going cold turkey wasn't even daunting! 

Meanwhile, in the back of my mind was, since it's easy for me to "quit" I can do it any time I feel the need and I can smoke any time I want!

We have our own Nico-Lies going on! 

Coming here changed my perspective!

I found out that Vigilance as my Friend, Marilyn reminds us is of the utmost importance

- perhaps for us "easy quitters" more than anybody!

We get into complacence, deny our own vulnerability, look at quitting as an event rather than a journey!

Before I even put down the Sickerettes, I was already planning to pick them up again!

BecomeanEX emphasizes No Man's Land.

That was a tipping point for me!

No Man's Land ( between 30 days and 140 days quit) has it's own challenges

in some ways every bit as overwhelming as the first Week!

Our 3D Friends are tired of hearing about our quits.

The pats on the back stop because they, like we, believe smoking cessation is "over!" "done deal!"

We're tired of focusing on it, too! 

We get cocky! Oh yea, I quit 75 days - I've done that many times!

What takes the wind out of our sails is that guerilla attack that is so well known to the NML folks!

Out of the blue after days of smoking never passing your mind you get hit with a doozy! 

Maybe it's some event either happy or tragic.

Maybe it's just a change of Season.

Maybe it's just plain random (or at least feels that way!)

Or most likely - you drink a little too much with some of your smoking Friends and BOOM!

You're a smoker again!

But we tell ourselves - "That's OK! I can just quit again!"

It just doesn't happen for a couple or a few YEARS!

Pay Attention!

Be Vigilant!

Serial Quitting is really not a healthy alternative! Nor is it a compromise! It just plain SUCKS!

N.O.P.E.- Forever!

You can do it! We can help!