Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Jun 5, 2016

Things have changed so radically in my lifetime! We used to have to send our camera film into a company to have it developed and get it back a week later.. Now my Son can send Penelope's newset picture straight from his phone to my printer and I come home to the printed picture! WOW!

I sometimes wonder, though if it may also have changed our expectations for immediate gratification! For Example, I may have a craving and I get agitated and fearful if I can't make t go away NOW!

Or I may have pain and I have no patience to endure it! I want an opioid to make it stop NOW!

I've often wondered if that's why there is so much road rage these days! We want what we want NOW!

Perhaps we need to bring back the art of patience - of endurance - resilience!

A little waiting isn't all bad! Anticipation was half the fun of the good things like that stack of photos we waited for! And lack of resilience could be downright harmful!

When you have a craving just keep in mind that they last only a few minutes! They will not harm you in any way - but Smoking WILL! Ride the wave with resilience and you will have gained a very important skill - especially in this day and age!