Life Happens!

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on May 2, 2016

So last Friday (ten days ago) I injured my back at my new job. While at the clinic (for 5 count them 5 Hours!) my boss called me and told me that I had a Felony Warrant! He told me that I was barred from working again until I prove myself innocent!!!!

Now how do you prove yourself innocent? Evidently not by walking into the local police station and getting a statement from the cops that I have no warrants! Nor by getting clearance on the Colorado Bureau of Investigations website! Nor by going to the Court House and certfying  that I have no warrants misdemeanor or felony!

No!!!! None of that proves that you are innocent! You have to wait for a letter to come in the mail and then follow their instructions! EXcept the letter never gets here! 

Did I smoke? N.O.P.E.! I could have quit my job but maybe, just maybe this mysterious warrant will follow me to the next job offer. It certainly would have gotten me fired from both of my current jobs! But smoking wouldn't change any of this! Smoking has nothing to do with this! Because I am Smoke FREE!

Miraculously, just as magically as this felony warrant fell out of the sky, my innocence also magically happened per corporate - a week later! And just like that, all is well!

Will I smoke for Joy? N.O.P.E.! Smoking has nothing to do with this! Not one thing! It wouldn't have made the bad Better or made the better even better! It would only poison my lungs and hijack my Brain and that's just not going to happen!

Smoke FREE is the Only Way to Live!

[I have never had so much as a parking ticket or speeding ticket in my entire life!]