Confessions of a (Former) Nerd!

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Feb 26, 2016

Growing up, I wasn’t the guy that tried out for all of the sports – I didn’t try out for any of them actually! I resented that they gave the football team extra money while cutting out things like debate and art club! You know the type – NERD!


When I became an adult, one of my motivations for becoming a smoker was to find a place to belong  -at least in my eyes! It gave me some built-in buddies even if all we had in common was Nicotine Addiction!


But smoking isn’t cool! It took me some 20 Years to learn that!


Then I had to find a way to Quit! But I also had Anxiety and Depression. Some of my therapists said that I shouldn’t worry about quitting –“it causes anxiety and depression” they said.


Well, they didn’t wind up with COPD! I DID! Now, that’s depressing! And it creates anxiety!


Now I don’t smoke! I was partially able to quit by combining Exercise with CBT and ACT therapy. AND my depression and anxiety are waaaaay better!


Here’s an article that validates my Experience!

Having depression and anxiety doesn’t preclude you from getting smoking related illnesses! It’s actually a  very common comorbidity!

NO MATTER WHAT – Quit Smoking and Embrace LIFE!

Now, That's Cool!