In the Year 2020....

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Feb 9, 2016

....I will protect my Quit Journey! 

Yes, I will have 10 Years under my belt! But that doesn't mean my Quit Journey is finished and I can kick back and quit quitting!

I will still be Daily Pledging.

I will still be an active member of BecomeanEx.

I will still be vigilant of triggers.

I will still avoid smokers and second hand smoke.

Does that sound like a lot of work?

Well, in my mind, it isn't! Finding money to pay to kill myself is a lot of work!

Finding time and a discreet place to light up is a lot of work! 

Making excuses to Family and Friends for still smoking is a lot of work!

Carrying around an Oxygen tank and struggling to breathe is a lot of work!

Being admitted to the Hospital every 6 Months (or more) is a lot of work!

Planning my early disability and early funeral arrangements is a lot of work!

Protecting my Quit is a walk in the park compared to all of that!

What will you do for your Quit in 2020?