Community Support

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Feb 8, 2016

What I love about this Community the most is their love for sharing! I appreciate the Friendships that grow with time and become like EXtended Family! So many folks have lifted me up when I was down and hopefully I have done the same as well. 

Whether through education, honest tough love, daily reminders of the beauty of LIFE, or just plain hugs whenever I needed some help lots of people have stepped up for me! And just as important they have Celebrated with me my little Victories whether milestones or cornerstones on my Quit Journey!

All I can say is Thank YOU for bringing me along -Thanks for being here for me as much on Day 2152 as you were on Day One!

I admire every single one of you! Quitting ain't for Sissies!