My Search for Quititude!

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Jan 24, 2016
  Do you ever think that you would have a better Quititude IF life were only a little less full of unfortunate events and a little more full of positive experiences? That's what I have fallen into from time to time. I "lost" my Quititude and didn't know where to look for it! I looked for it at home, with friends, at work, in my car, everywhere and I just couldn't find it! I even looked for it in my dreams turning over every corner of every room in my mind. Not over there! Not under there! It didn't fall out of my pocket! Oh well, maybe it will turn up! It couldn't have gotten too far! 
  I went for long walks, EXercised, followed my nutrition plan, meditated and worked my mindfulness program. All were undoubtedly helpful but nada! I EXpected quititude to be returned to me for doing the right things!
  So I reflected on how I had obtained Quititude in the first place - the BLOGS! Maybe I could find a new Quititude - a sort of replacement. I read the BLOGS and I read and read the most inspirational BLOGS I could find! I knew where to look because when I had Quititude, I would often read there, not from desperation but because it was HOME! Now, I felt like a visitor, not a family member, on my best behavior, stiff, polite, but not relaxed and at HOME! 
  Now, if you ask yourself what Thomas does when he gets stuck, what do you suppose? I researched! That's my go to action on just about any subject that's bothering me any time! Here's what I found that was helpful to me:
  Attitude and Experience By Ralph Marston
  Perhaps you think that your attitude on any particular day depends on the things you experience that day. But actually it is the other way around.
  The things you experience do not cause you to have a particular attitude. Instead , the quality and substance of your experiences are what reveal your attitude.
  Your attitude is yours to choose. And by choosing your attitude, you can choose the kind of life you live.
   Yes, there will be plenty of events coming along that are completely beyond the control of you or your attitude. Yet your attitude will most definitely determine how you experience each of those events. 
   If your attitude is negative and destructive, you’ll find pain, disappointment and dismay in even the most wonderful circumstances. Yet when your attitude is positive, creative, thankful and joyful, you’ll find real hope and valuable possibilities in even the most unfortunate events. 
   Rather than assuming that your attitude is dictated by events, choose to maintain a positive attitude no matter what may come along. By so doing, you’ll be choosing a life of real value and meaning. 
   There is little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference. The little difference is attitude. 
   The big difference is whether it is positive or negative. 
   W. Clement Stone 
    The attitude you bring  
    Imagine how great it would be if you could go through this day doing only what you wanted to do. Though it might sound too good to be true, it’s completely possible and available to you.  
    Just stop fighting against what you have to do, and turn it into what you want to do. You know it must be done, so why make it worse by letting it bring you down?  
    Who decides what makes you miserable and what makes you happy? You do, of course. Stop dreading those things you know you must get done, and start looking forward to them. The attitude you bring to them can change them completely.  
    Do you ever find that you know full well what needs to be done, yet you just cannot bring yourself to do it? Change it in your mind from something that has to be done into something you want to do, and you’ll have no trouble at all getting to it.  
    It is truly as easy as it sounds, and it can make an enormous difference. Decide you want it, and you’ll get it done.  
    — Ralph Marston  
     Just like Dorothy's way home was a available to her all the time, so was my Quititude! It hadn't fallen off or out - I gave it up! And it was within me all along - not outside! Quititude isn't based on events or circumstances. It's all right there in your mind (and mine!) We get to/have to DECIDE how we'll approach our Quit Journey! And there's a certain momentum to our thought processes.    
     If we decide to look at our quit as sacrifice, giving something up, deprivation, martyrdom then we'll blow it out of proportion in a negative way, making the effort so much larger than it has to be! We'll build up our minds to feel like Sisyphus pushing a giant boulder up a hill day in and day out! Sooner or later we'll just get too tired and give up! We'll relapse!   
     We can decide to become a "Happy Quitter" not because our quit journey is easy or simple. Not because our support system is perfect, not because we chose a propitious moment to quit and all the circumstances in our lives are perfectly aligned with successful enterprise but because you and I DECIDE our Quititude and "by choosing your attitude, you can choose the kind of life you live."   
     TODAY I DECIDE to live my day with QUITITUDE! I choose to be a "Happy Quitter!"