Today's the Day!

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Jan 19, 2016

Today is a BIG DAY in our Family! Our first Grandbaby will be born in a few hours from now! To say I;m EXcited is to say that it's a little cool outside here in Colorado! It's da%$ cold! And I'm OVER THE MOON! 

I have practiced in my mind a thousand times how to cross this bridge. What kind of relationship will I have with the little one and with her parents? What impression will she have of her Papa T? How long will I be a part of her life? My imagination runs endless. There's an anxious apprehension that I might not measure up somehow!

When I Quit Smoking it was with a nervous EXcitement, too! I couldn't begin to grasp so many Wonderful changes in my Life! I was scared, too. But take the plunge I did and although like new Grandparenthood it wasn't always a smoothe ride - actually pretty challenging in the beginning - it was 100% worth it! 

In 5 Years I may inwardly smile at my Grandparent apprehensions just as 5 Years out I can joke about my first awkward EXer days! 

That's what I imagine anyway!

Quit and protect your Quit! You won't regret it!