Staying Positive Brings SUCCESS!

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Jan 12, 2016

When I found out that I had to Quit Smoking I dreaded the whole process. I thought that I would be miserable for – well, forever! But it had to be done! So I began the work of changing my perspective and focusing on the Positive.

Our feelings generate our thoughts that motivate our actions. Consequences of our actions generate the feelings that re-enter the cycle. We can jump into and break that cycle at any point.

For example, we can have a thought of smoking but decide that no matter what we will not act on that compulsion NO MATTER WHAT!

Another place to break into the cycle is to change the way we feel by certain proactive actions we take. Here are some examples of how I changed my feelings, thoughts and actions about Smoking Cessation:

(1)    I thought hard about what I could gain by Quitting Smoking and wrote a list to keep handy in moments of weakness.


(2)    I started collecting Positive Affirmations around Smoking Cessation but also around Life in general.



(3)    I screened my thoughts for negativity, learned to recognize them and decided to release them from my narrative.


(4)    I convinced myself of my SUCCESS! Dale often reminds us that we can talk ourselves into quitting or we can talk ourselves into smoking. I chose the prior.



(5)    I minimized my time around naysayers. If Folks didn’t believe that I could do it or even worse, did their best to sabotage my quit, I walked away and distanced myself from them, some of these “friends” permanently.


(6)    I enriched my environment from walks in the park to exercise in a gym. Both release natural feel good endorphins not fake dopamine hits.



(7)    I rewarded myself for small accomplishments during my quit process from taking time for myself to spending money saved on me!


(8)    I took full responsibility for my Quit Journey. Nobody and nothing can take away my quit! If I stay Smoke FREE it will be because of me! If I relapse it will also be solely because of me!


Having been diagnosed with COPD my belief was that I had to quit and I had to quit now and for good! I poured everything I have into this Quit Journey and it has given back more blessings than I could begin to imagine. Learning to take responsibility for my feelings, thoughts and most important, my actions has made the journey SUCCESSFUL!

You make your own SUCCESS!