Back to "Normal"

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Jan 4, 2016

My Family returned from Mexico late last night. My Christmas present to them was to take them to their roots and show them all the wonders of Amecameca. It was magical! If I could I would meld these two very different parts of me together. But now it's time for "normal."

There are events in our lives and decisions we make that change just about everything. I anticipate that becoming a grandparent will be one of those changes and I'll have to search for my New Normal.I can only guess how that will go but soon I will actually know what it means to me.

When we quit smoking it's very much the same way. One thing we're certain of is that many aspects of our lives will change forever. What we can't begin to guess accurately is what that looks like! Well, for me, it has been a life altering in the BEST of ways!

Yes, I was lost, confused, challenged. I had to keep plugging along not knowing when things would return to normal. Well, they didn't! They didn't return to the old normal, anyway! No more spending $$$ whether I had it or not. No more coughing while puffing away. No more escaping from nonsmoking folks so I could feed my Addiction. No more hanging out with people I barely liked just because they also smoked. No more antciness to get to my precious sickerettes!

With blind trust and time I soon began forming a New Normal!

And I like it! My New Normal is so much better than my old normal. The FREEDOM from Addiction  is even more amazing than any vision I could have conjured up in my mind while still addicted. 

If you are still addicted then you will most likely have to just trust the process for a few weeks. But the day will come when you realize that you have found your own New Normal - and it's incredible! That's when you realize that it was all worth it! It won't be day 5 or day 10 but it will happen if you give yourself a real chance! 

EXsmokers don't want to sink back into Addiction but Nicotine Addicts want to be FREE! This can be the Year that you make it happen for you!