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To think bad thoughts is really the easiest thing in the world. If
you  leave your mind to itself it will spiral down into ever
increasing  unhappiness. To think good thoughts, however, requires
effort. This is one of  the things that discipline - training -  is

James Clavell, in  his novel "Shogun"

We often talk about Positive Mental Attitude and celebrate folks who demonstrate their positivity while some folks wonder how to get it and where it comes from, especially in their earliest days of the quit when what they feel is anxiety, exhaustion, loss, deprivation, frustration,etc. We all know those feelings.

Occassionally somebody asks, "When will my feeelings change?" Answer: 'Tuesday, the Tuesday that you DECIDE to let them change!"

Our entire Society is based on the idea that Happiness is a Right (as in the Constitution) or Gift (They're So LUCKY! They're always Happy!)  

The TRUTH is the Constitution calls for Responsibilty - the PURSUIT of Happiness!

You see, rights come with the responsibility to protect those rights not just for myself but for all my fellow citizens!

As for gifts - yes, that gift has been given from our Creator to each and every single one of us including YOU and ME! But did I open  my heart to receive that gift, or was I afraid I'd be too vulnerable?

Many of us are scared of true Happiness, as ironic as that sounds. And it doesn't just come to us - it is a Discipline!

As James Clavell (a very awesome writer BTW) points out, it requires EFFORT! It requires you to put the brakes on that downward spiral of negativity where our minds often tend to go and replace it with LIFE AFFIRMING thought processes!

That's where Affirmations come in! This isn't just feel good lefty hocus-pocus it is an entire Discipline that has been highly studied! It's called Neuroplasticity - how your brain actually changes when you put the brakes on negative thoughts and replace them with affirmations! Anybody can do this!

Have you seen poor people, sick people, people who are grieving, people who have suffered tornadoes or other disasters, unemployed, homeless, who are happy? I have! And we ask ourselves, "How can they be so HAPPY?!" They're happy because they CHOSE to change their perspective and it didn't happen overnight - it happened one day at a time! DISCIPLINE!

The Good News is that YOU and I can do this too! Happiness can be learned! The Choice is OURS!

I chose to become a Happy Quitter! I choose to be a happy person! 

Life is what you make it! The Quit Journey is a part of Life! Why not enjoy it?