I Like Smoking!

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Do you really? Right now, as you smoke that cigarette, do you really like the smoke hitting the back of your throat? Do you like the feeling of the deep inhale as smoke travels into your lungs? Do you like the rush back up the airway and out through your nose?

OR are you like 99% of people who smoke everyday and entirely unconscious of what they are doing –

The pleasure, those ‘warm, relaxing pleasurable’ feelings that we experience from cigarette smoking do NOT come from the cigarette. It is YOU by your mental intention of smoking cigarettes that causes the release of the ’happy’, ’pleasurable’ brain chemicals – not the cigarette. But because you believe it is the cigarette you now believe you MUST smoke to get those feelings.

But even more importantly, you believe that if you quit smoking cigarettes, you will NEVER experience those feelings again.

To enjoy that feeling – that sensation!

…Of calm.

…Of peace.

…Of security.

…Of relaxation.


We smoke because we want to experience

those pleasant feelings that we have

unconsciously linked to smoking cigarettes.

We believe it can……

§  Relieve our boredom

§  Relax us if we are nervous or tense

§  Help us to think and concentrate.

§  And, dangerously, we even believe it can help us stay slim.


We feel relief and a great pleasure that that empty feeling is gone.

When we smoke that cigarette and satisfy our craving, we F-E-E-L a great sense of relief and

we unconsciously DECIDE TO ENJOY THE MOMENT. This is why is smoking so addictive.

For those few minutes……you ALLOW yourself time to think, FREE of all your worries and concerns. And as time goes on, these pleasant, relaxed FEELINGS become interlinked – totally linked with smoking and certain parts of your day.

Every time you have a cigarette you mentally and emotionally ALLOW yourself ( even if you are unconscious of this happening ) to have a break  FROM your work or worries and for THAT moment you feel…….






And Secure.

And as you begin to enjoy these brief periods of peace, safety and relaxation snatched during the day, you do not realize it but you become …..SLOWLY convinced that these PLEASURABLE FEELINGS are totally linked - in fact, most of us falsely conclude that they must be in some way INHERENT in the cigarette itself.


We have set up a neurological association in our bodies between the act of smoking and these feelings.

We have unconsciously transferred pleasurable feelings of peace, relaxation and safety that we allowed ourselves to experience to the daily act of smoking. This is why smoking cessation can be difficult if this point is not understood.


The simple truth is……

We find it difficult to quit smoking, not because it is enjoyable, or because it helps us to relax, but because WE BELIEVE that it does all these things for us!


There are two things that keep us addicted to nicotine……..


1.       Our absolute belief (our mental conditioning) that we NEED them – that we MUST have them to be happy, to enjoy ourselves.


2.       And…..our chemical addiction to nicotine.


Nicotine withdrawal symptoms are Mild.

In fact, giving up smoking is 90% mental and only 10% physical.

The actual physical discomfort you will experience will be less than that of a head cold.

Millions and millions of us have ALREADY made the journey and we have

already made the great discovery:

 If you approach the journey in the right way, there is nothing ahead of you

but success, joy and freedom as you reach the land where non-smokers


In fact, if in quitting smoking, all we had to deal with was the

chemical addiction, the process would, indeed, be easy.

 Today thousands of people who genuinely and totally believed that they NEEDED to smoke to enjoy certain parts of the day have realized it is a TOTAL ILLUSION.


85 % of the general population can get through their day and enjoy it fully without needing to inhale filthy smoke into their lungs through a cigarette.



The only thing between you and that reality is a core belief that says that quitting 

smoking must be agony and should be avoided.


Your fight is not with the cigarette ………..

………..but  with your belief programming that YOU NEED TO SMOKE TO BE HAPPY and to ENJOY different parts of the day.


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You deserve Authentic Calm, Peace, Security, Relaxation and Happiness!