Life is too Short! Don’t Smoke it up!

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Jul 30, 2015

Sometimes I look around and say to myself, “How the Heck did I get this old?” 57 isn’t old-old but it was when I was 30! I thought I had all the time in the world! Now I know that 20 or 30 Years go past us in the blink of an eye!

I work with young folks, most younger than my Sons! I don’t realize it until I hear about what Year they were born or I see them acting very immature unti I realize that it’s because they are still just kids in many ways!

My clients are very old people, most in their 90s or 100+. Often I find myself relating more to them than to my coworkers! Then I know I’m definitely not 30 any more!

You could say I’m the bridge in between – the Sandwich Generation. The last of the Baby Boomers. Our parents expected us to do everything better than them: better education, better houses, better cars, better everything! These days we don’t hold youngsters accountable to that standard! I find this good and bad. Good in that it’s much harder to graduate from College and work the same job until retirement these days. Bad in that it shouldn’t be that way!

What got me thinking of all this is that I’ve sort of been living life on the fast track lately! I started reflecting on my never ending motivation to do more!

I think I got a second lease on life when I found out about COPD and quit smoking simultaneously! I was literally killing myself! Now I’m not! So I want to cram as much into every day as I possibly can!

The problem is that it’s unbalanced! The best way to be the best we can be is with balance. I need creative, productive, busy time. But I also need down time – do nothing time. Thomas Days sprinkled with being rather than doing!

One thing’s for sure, though! Every sickerette I smoked cost 6-10 minutes of my time. That’s a whole lot of wasted life! Since I quit I haven’t smoked 156,632 minutes which comes to around 108.77 days that I have had available for real living! Now I just have to find a way to use it wisely!

Doing is Great! Being is even BETTER! I’ll find the way….