Why I Never Ever Forget

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Jul 16, 2015

If you’re still in your first days or even prequit stage of your quit journey, you may have the impression that the Elders can’t possibly remember or understand what you’re feeling and thinking – the anxiety, the craving, the robotic pull that feels stronger than the strongest magnet!

Yet even on Day 1944 I assure you that I vividly recall every miserable detail of he11 week, heck week, hallelujah week. I remember like it was yesterday the guerilla attacks of NML. I remember when I finally grasped the idea to get the heck out of my own way toward success! I remember when I wasn’t just faking – I had become a Happy Quitter!

I never forgot! And do you know why? Because Never Ever Forget is in my estimation as important as N.O.P.E. when you decide to live a successful forever quit! I didn’t come up with this concept. A Fella named Live4thedash introduced it way back 5 Years ago! Lucky me! I learned something that saved my you-know-what more times in my quit journey than I can count!

NEF is the opposite of complacency – the Great Quit Killer! Complacency is what gets so many long term quitters! They forget to log in. They forget to contribute to the Community. They forget the power of connection. They get lazily blindly secure until they lose their way and revert to Nicotine Addiction via alcohol or peer pressure or stress.

Practitioners of NEF constantly look for new ways to relish their quit journey! They empathize and sympathize with Folks at all levels of Quititude. They mature in their recovery because true recovery isn’t just not smoking! It’s growing!And like all growing things it needs nourishment, encouragement, and development!

And for those willing to grow their quits they are blessed with tenfold blessings of self discovery and awareness! They enjoy the benefits of all their contributions! They help themselves by helping others!

We will Never Ever Forget! We do it for all of you but FIRST we do it for US!

N.O.P.E. and N.E.F.

Thanks, Dash!