Funeral Arrangements

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on May 20, 2015

Yes, the time has come to bid my Friend Kenny goodbye! I am surprised how stunned I am since I knew this day would come! But there you are! 

Why does the World seem to be so normal when my world has come to a stop? How dare people keep about ther daily business as if nothing has happened? Don't they know that with Kenny's death so goes the possibility of a cure for him? Was I really that blind to the finality of his demise? I thought I was prepared. 

Well, I'm not! But I will find a way to move forward and help Kenny's brothers with the funeral arrangements and the last goodbye..

Thank God my Wife is here to support me! Thank You, EX Community for allowing me to lean on you from time to time as I went through/ am going through this process. 

One thing's for certain! I won't even think about smoking as an option! The thought of allowing Addiction to take one more person's life appalls me! I hate alcohol! I hate Nicotine! I hate the slavery and deprivation that is ADDICTION! I will guard my life from the torment of Addiction at all costs! 

It's just not worth it!