Addiction is Deadly

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Apr 6, 2015

We are now in the final days of life for my Friend, Kenny. The pain and suffering will soon be over and he will meet his maker - an active alcoholic. Yes, he's still drinking! Evidently some buddy of his has decided that if he wants to go out drinking, that's his business and is willing to supply the Vodka. 

We all quit smoking, eventually either in life or through death! That's the way it is. I choose LIFE!

I came across this article online today that talks about how people actually DO quit. It's interesting to note the large percentage of cold turkeys!

Had I contributed I would have said Smart Turkey!

I have "quit" cold turkey many times but my forever quit was done  smart turkey. Education made the difference between the short term quit and the forever quit. We could talk Smart Chantix or Smart Wellbutrin or Smart Patches, etc....

There's no such thing as smart e cig. 

For you folks who are just getting started, listen to the folks who have their forever quits! They did it the Smart Way! You'll know who they are because for one, they'll tell you! But also they speak a language different from your current language - the language of recovery! 

Life is too short! Don't smoke it up!