The New ME!

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Mar 17, 2015

 "Life isn't about finding yourself. It's about creating yourself." 
George Bernard Shaw

Because I chose to quit smoking on March 20, 2010 and have decided to protect my quit each and every day since then:

I got my Brain Health back

-         I got my moods back

-         I have less anxiety and depression

-         I have increased my Memory Ability, Planning, Decision Making and Overall Brain Function(I.Q.)

-         I have decreased  my chances of developing Dementia

-         I have improved my odds against Stroke

-         I have reclaimed my Dopamine Receptor System (feel good hormones)

I got my Vision Health back

-         I have reduced my chances of Macular Degeneration, Cataracts, Optic Nerve Damage, and Blindness

-         I have improved my Night Blindness

I now give sufficient Oxygen to my Cochlea, preventing Hearing Loss

My teeth are cleaner and healthier. They’re white – not yellow.

My tongue is clean and food tastes better.

I have fewer Mouth Sores, Ulcers and Gum Disease

I have spared myself of Nose, Larynx, Trachea, Esophagus, Throat and/or Mouth Cancer

I got my Appetite back

I have less Belly Fat and stronger Muscles

I took control of my COPD

-         I cough less

-         My Bronchitis and Lung Capacity is steady

-         I have fewer Colds and Flus, less chance of Pneumonia

-         I have reduced my chances of Lung Cancer

I have healthier Heart

-         My blood vessels are clear of plaque and Fatty Deposits

-         My blood clotting is more natural

-         I have lower Blood Pressure

-         I have reduced chance of Blood Cancer

-         I have reduced chance of Heart Disease

I have improved Bone Health

-         I have reduced my chances of Bone Marrow Cancer

-         I have mitigated Osteoporosis

-         I have prevented Bone Loss

My fingers are no longer Yellow! Fingernails are healthy pink

I have improved my chances against Liver, Stomach, Pancreas, Kidney, Bladder, Colon and Rectum Cancer.

I have reduced my risk of Erectile Disfunction

My Skin has good color, fewer wrinkles

My Hair is soft, smooth and doesn’t smell bad

I have decreased my risk of Diabetes

Of the leading causes of death I have improved my odds for:

(1)  Heart Disease

(2)  Cancer

(3)  Chronic Respiratory Disease


(6) Alzheimer’s Disease

(7) Diabetes

(8) Influenza and Pneumonia

I am literally creating a NEW ME!

YOU can, too!

Today is a Great Day to Live Smoke FREE!