Numb vs. Calm

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Jan 11, 2015

 After Years of smoking our feelings away, we have unlearned inner calm and tranquility. What we mistake for calm is actually just numbing out with our drug of choice – Nicotine!

So when we quit smoking we feel disoriented, unbalanced. The true emotions of daily living seem overwhelming and unmanageable.  This is a part of the psychological withdrawal that we have to go through in order to find our New Normal.

We have to give ourselves time and even more challenging, to trust ourselves to find that New Equilibrium that awaits us! Only with time and practice, can we find our new way of being calm and recognize it for what it is – genuine, drug-free peace and tranquility! It’s a strange feeling, outside of our comfort zone – something we haven’t felt in decades! But it’s real and accessible to us just like the anger, sadness, frustration, and other storm of emotions are accessible to us!

Even good change is scary! And this is a very good change! Finally, we feel real calm – not numbness that we mistake for calm! And we no longer need a sickerette to get there!

Ask anybody with even a few Months smoke FREE and they will testify that they are happier, calmer, more integrated, more whole than they have been in a very long time! Give yourself a chance! You will get there!

Take Dale’s 130 day challenge before you jump to conclusions that smoke FREE is awkward, uncomfortable, unbearable and that you no longer recognize yourself! You’re right that you will come out of this leaving behind your Addictive Self but only because you will find your Authentic Self Nicotine FREE!

And it’s all BETTER than ever!