Opening my Heart!

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Nov 7, 2014

I come here with 4 1/2 Years quit almost every day. I read all of the Blogs and often write a blog - usually informational. This is not an informational Blog! This is ME talking to YOU!

I know the statistics. I know that 1 out of every 5 of us has been told that (s)he has COPD. I know that 1 out of those same 5 has COPD and doesn't know it! But I'm not talking statistics.

I'm talking to you! I don't want you to be diagnosed with COPD or Cancer! I don't want you to have a smoking related heart attack or stroke! 

I want you to at the very least taste the sabor of FREEDOM! I want you to know what it's like to go a whole day and not even want a sickerette! Not even think about smoking! Not even be able to remember what it's really like to be Addicted to Nicotine! 

I want you to live LIFE to it's fullest - with all it's strife and stress, yes...But also with all of it's vitality and pure JOY! A LIFE of FREEDOM from Addiction - what I refer to as Abundant Living! I'm not just talking of the thousands of EXtra bucks you'll have available once you quit for LIFE! I'm talking of the richness of human EXperience FREE of Addiction!

THAT is why I still come here every day! THAT is what drives me to find a new angle, a new tidbit, a new approach, ... ANYTHING that might set you FREE!


Yet there is nothing I or any of us can do to give it to you! This is a Gift you must give to yourself! We can only shine a light on the path toward FREEDOM! But you must walk the walk through and then OUT! And only YOU can protect your Quit for LIFE! 

Nothing grieves me more than the hundreds who disappear after a while because they've relapsed! They have given up on the one Great Gift that they can give themselves - FREE ABUNDANT LIVING! May each of you become an EX for LIFE!