Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Oct 30, 2014

An addict’s road to recovery causes pain and anguish along the way. Just the simple realisation that the addiction is no longer their friend rather the complete opposite is very disappointing feeling. The reality is that you must overcome your trials and in accomplishing this become accountable for your recovery in your daily life.

Recovery is a lot about being accountable. Accountability for everything that happened in your life of active addiction, accountability for what you think, feel and act. Being accountable is a choice. If you make this important choice and hold yourself accountable for where your life ended up as well as holding yourself accountable for your recovery progress then you have taken a gigantic step towards securing your recovery goals.

Not only will you be able to continue on the road to recovery carrying a lot less extra baggage around you, but you would have realised that your addiction did you no favours.  In fact, it did more harm than good, to you and to those around you. For that reason alone, you need to be accountable for yourself, and the consequences cause to self and others, because of your addiction.  Only you can accept this responsibility, no one else can do that for you.

Use the following procedures as a guide to help you become accountable. The procedure involves the following: 

Stop Playing the Blame Game

 “I am accountable for my life and actions”- repeat this phrase in your mind and aloud several times every day. This is very essential because many people in recovery tend to blame others for their mishaps and failures, when in truth they failed themselves. Reality is they are responsible for and accountable for their thoughts, actions, attitudes, emotions and behaviour.  When playing the “blame game” many may go back in the past and blame their mother or father for not setting them a ‘good’ example, while others point fingers at their friends. However, what they fail to realise is that every person has the power to make their own decisions and choices. When they realise that any choice made in the past whether good or bad was their decision, alone, indicates accountability.

I Am Accountable For My Concepts of My Addiction

You can look at the addiction as something positive to learn from and never to return or constantly anger yourself for having the addiction. It is possible to have a positive outlook and overcome the challenge. Try laughing in the face of a problem rather than feeling overwhelmed by it.

I Am Accountable For My Way Forward

You can choose to look back, reminisce and fall again or you can try to move forward. The laughter in the previous stage will help lead the way for this current stage. Set goals that you always wanted to achieve but were unable to because of your addiction.  Perhaps your goal is to finish college, get married, or work in your favourite firm. As you walking ahead in your recovery journey, keep your head straight; in other words, keep focused on the goal, and don’t allow yourself to be diverted from your primary goals. 

I Am My Own Motivator

You have to push yourself to overcome the addiction. While you push though remember to reward yourself. For every week you overcome the addiction treat yourself. Maybe it is your favorite ice-cream, movie, game and more. Then again, if you failed for the week, make a note of it and encourage yourself to do better the next week.

I Will Not Pity Myself

The easiest thing to do is feel sorry for ‘you’ and wallow in self-pity along with its friends, guilt and shame. Many people in recovery from their addiction reach this stage along the way, and then decide to turn back. But, you’re not to give-up. To avoid falling into the feeling sorry for yourself trap, it is all right to be firm with yourself and constantly remind yourself of your primary goal. Become your own coach and train yourself to remain focused, committed and determined to succeed in your recovery goals.

I Will Take Care of My Health And Well-Being  

You need to be mindful how your addiction destroyed your body, mind and emotions.  And make a ongoing decision that,

“I will not harm myself…I will take care of my health- and well being. I will eat nutritional food, drink at least 8 glasses of water each day, and engage in some form of physical exercises and organise a exercise regime, which includes stretching of my body, every day.”