New Members-Have You Noticed all the 6%ers? Wouldn't You Wish to Join Them?

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Oct 9, 2014

All high achievers plan their work and work their plan, for they are keenly aware that "luck" is most often being prepared to take advantage of a situation.

Hello, Everybody, especially you Newbies! I want to speak directly to you this afternoon, folks! As we see dozens of people coming through our doors this time of year, We have learned to read those who will be here a Month, 6 Months, even a Year from now! Statistically we're speaking of approximately 6%! But I want to make it clear! This process called Quitting is not a crap shoot! Smoking is -  but quitting is not! With smoking you have a better chance at Russian Roulette than you do at surviving without a smoking related illness. For those who smoke lifelong the odds become 50/50! But with quitting it's all about your ATTITUDE!  It has nothing to do with "luck" - it has to do with being prepared!So many times one thinks it is a question of willpower! Again, not so! Do you win a sports title, an election, a business adventure, a scholarship through willpower alone? NO! You prepare!


Most of us coming here have an inkling that quitting smoking is hard. We've been told that we'll need not just one but multiple NRTs and prescriptions in order to survive the quitting process. They make it sound like an operation or curing an illness!Quitting is neither! Quitting is a lifetime journey based on a daily decision that you make for and to yourself!It starts with the understanding that I didn't "quit March 14, 2010" - I launched my quit journey! I packed my paraphernalia, cleaned my house, cleaned my mind, washed inside and out (remember the Bible where Jesus speaks of whitewashed tombs?) and left behind my addictive lifestyle while beginning my ADDICTION FREE LIFESTYLE! To this day I might decide to end my journey and buy a pack of sickerettes! By the end of the day I could be a full blown ADDICT all over again! I DECIDE! It has nothing to do with stress! It has nothing to do with luck! It has to do with a simple suicidal decision!

So did you ever begin a journey such as assuming a new job or moving out of the country without research? I think the intelligent person can see that it wouldn't be the sensible thing to do! Same here! You can just jump into this thing blindly or you can acquire KNOWLEDGE of Nicotine Addiction! Who do you suppose is "luckier?" Acquire knowledge! We'll even map it out for you:

Allen Carr's book - "The Easy Way To Stop Smoking" - free download - Smoking_Download-free-PDF-EBook



You can decide to read these or not. AND you can DECIDE to Quit just for today! One day! 24 hours! If you've been cutting back then you're almost there already! So make a commitment to yourself! 


I, Thomas, pledge that just for today I will not take so much as one little puff under any circumstances for any reason! I will respect myself enough to honor this pledge NO MATTER WHAT! N.O.P.E. Not One Puff Ever!


Then what happens when push comes to shove? That's where preparation comes in! You will reframe the question! No longer may you ask "should I, could I, would I smoke if....." because the answer is simply NO! Ask yourself this: "What can I do instead?" We'll even help you answer the question:


You can take the 130 Day Challenge that Dale Jones has offered. His reasoning is sound and his research has led dozens of us to SUCCESS each Year! Fidn out more about what to expect:


You see, we're here to help because every single one of us was EXactly where you are now and we want you to CHOOSE BREATH NOT DEATH but the DECISION is Yours and your alone!