Are YOU a Happy Quitter?

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Oct 4, 2014

I see a lot of Folks on this site Celebrating their FREEDOM! WHOOHOO! They're Dancing and Singing their JOY at living Abundantly Smoke FREE!

And I see some Folks who are mourning the loss of their Best Friend - the Serial Killerette - as my Friend JoJo calls it! With Friends like that who needs Enemies????

And I also see a lot of Folks who are fighting the NicoDemon without even realizing that the NicoDemon is just another part of YOU! Now, let me ask you this - how much Harmony and Healing can come from fighting Oneself?

So where did those EXcellent People get that Partying SPIRIT?

I'll tell you where! It came from a Fella  who said - when you have a craving - LAUGH!!!!! ROFLMAO!!!!

It comes from each and every one of YOU

who contribute their time, wisdom, and ENTHUSIASM

not only as they Pay Forward the EXpert Advice they received

but because it helps them to Protect their Quit because they Never Ever Forget

- what it was like to wish you were smoke FREE,

what it was like to make it one day, one hour and sometimes, one minute at a time,

what it means to Protect Your Quit TODAY NO MATTER WHAT,

that Addiction is a Lifetime Condition


so kick back and ENJOY the Ride - You're Smoke FREE for LIFE!!!!

 The Quit isn't about giving up anything of importance in the least!

It's about what you gain - the REAL YOU the way your Creator intends for you to be -Addiction FREE!

It's about healing your Mind, Spirit, and Body from years of abuse and finding your NEW NORMAL!

It's about growing into the person you dream of being! Now, what's not to SMILE about????