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Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Sep 12, 2014

Quitting smoking is simple! I didn’t say easy!

Actually there’s only one “law!”

It’s called the Law of Addiction and every person who wants to be FREE of sickerettes needs to know it!


The Law of Addiction 

"Administration of a drug to an addict will cause

re-establishment of chemical dependence

upon the addictive substance."

This makes smoking cessation different from dieting or breaking bad habits. Coming out of the gate, we Nicotine Addicts must live and breathe N.O.P.E. – Not One Puff Ever! There are no other ways of doing this – period!

Here at becomeanEX we have many tools that will help you achieve this high standard. You can take the daily pledge, blog out your frustrations or blog HELP!, share with your EX friends, ride the FREEDOM Train, learn about the stages of quitting, find tools for your quitsmoking tool box, address your stressors that contributed to your smoking addiction, just to name a few ways.

When you READ, you can use a combination of knowledge and thought management to assist you in applying the Law of Addiction and N.O.P.E. When you change your LANGUAGE about smoking, you change your perspective and your thoughts making smoking cessation – maybe not “easy” but easi-er.

We’re here 24/7 to help you so signing up is just the beginning but participation can make the difference between SUCCESS and RELAPSE! Be here every day in the beginning of your quit journey. Take Dale Jonescarp's 130 day challenge.

Use becomeanEX and you will be amazed!

It’s all in your QUITITUDE!