Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Sep 9, 2014

My Aunt has diabetes. She used to say, “So what? We all die of something! I’ll eat whatever I want! I’m going to enjoy Life while I’m living!”

In theory that sounds like a great outlook on Life!

Then she had a debilitating stroke! As strokes go, she was lucky! The stroke messed up one side of her body but didn’t affect her mind – too much! She has a little dementia yet she’s still able to do most things she was accustomed to.

That was her wake up call!

NOW she eats properly, exercises, takes her meds, and follows all of her Doctor’s orders! She recently told me, “Thomas, I wish I could go back and do this again! I would have listened to the Doctor! I thought about death but I didn’t realize that self care is about Living Well!”

How many of us are reading this right now with sickerette in hand and thinking, “Death doesn’t budge me?”

Well, this isn’t about death! We all will die anyway! It’s about Living Well!

Would you like to wake up tomorrow crippled with dementia like my Aunt?

How about a nice permanent heart condition that limits your ability to come and go and leaves a ticking time bomb in your chest?

 You might want to check out JoJo’s page if you’re curious about what Stage IV COPD and lung transplant is like when you’re still raising your children!

Not all of us are fortunate enough to die from smoking related illness quickly! In fact, while Addiction sucks the daily living out of our lives, it kills slooooooowly! That costs a lot of dough!

Look around you! ONE HALF of all smokers will have a smoking related illness. I’m not much of a gambler but I don’t like those odds!

Suppose you want to play the odds and believe that you won’t get sick…

Do you love your sickerettes more than your family, more than your time, more than your money, more than your SELF?

I didn’t quit  in order to not die! I quit in order to LIVE WELL!