Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Aug 13, 2014

So I'm working 10 to 12 hour days at my Assisted Living Facility. I love my job - don't get me wrong but it is mentally taxing working with dementia residents. You have to know their needs on all levels better than they do at all times!

But what really irks me is that my coworkers take their breaks and dump their residents on me so that I have 2X the responsibility - just so they can have a smoke break! How is this fair??? Then they come back in reaking of sickerettes so bad I can't even stand near them! 

Did you know that smoking costs your employer $5816 per person who smokes? That's my raise being paid out for your vice! The highest cost for employers comes from smoke breaks!  Researchers estimate that since smokers take five breaks a day on average compared to the three breaks most workers get, employers are paying $3,077 each year for their non-working time.

The second largest source of costs comes from excess health care expenses, at $2,056 a year. Other factors that add to the increased employer costs included missed days of work and lost of productivity. Smokers miss 2.5 days more than non-smokers each year.

When you smoke you are hurting Yourself. You are hurting your Family. And you are hurting the people around you. 

TODAY is a Great Day to Live Smoke FREE!

P.S. The study was published in the June edition of Tobacco Control.