Happy Birthday, Dale!

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And on World No Tobacco Day!

Did the World Health Organization consult with you before setting the date for their event?


Tobacco kills more people than drugs, alcohol, AIDS, car crashes, homicides and suicides combined, But it isn’t just about the numbers of loved ones we’ve lost – it is also about illnesses, disability and reduced quality of life due to smoking.

CDC official said reducing smoking worldwide by 20 to 25 percent could translate to 100 million premature deaths by 2020. But If the current trends of smoking continue, approximately 8 million people worldwide will die each year from tobacco use by 2030.

The theme for 2014: Raise Tobacco Tax: Lower Death and Disease!

World No Tobacco Day 2014

Happy Birthday to Dale Jones and a BIG THank You for all you do to help set us FREE from Nicotine Addiction!

May your days be Blessed with Health and Happiness!