All packed and Ready to Gooooooo!

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on May 29, 2014

Well, we've cleaned and sorted, We've donated and thrown away. We've gifted and packed. Now we're ready to make our move to our new abode! 8~))

Everything feels new and strange after 8 Years  living in this apartment! Some memories are wonderful and we'll carry those with us and some memories (such as our pesky smoking neighbors) are dreadful and we'll be glad to let go of them!

It's like that when you move - And when you begin a NEW Smoke FREE Lifestyle! When I quit smoking, I couldn't wait to get the smoke smell out of my clothes and house! I stopped hanging out with the same people with whom all I had in common was our sick Addiction! I was just ready to move on with my Life and Wife and leave the smoky past behind me! 

That's what this feels like! No more smoky stairwells and parking lots to walk through just to get to my car. No more forcing my Wife to take out the trash because I can't stand the smoke all around the trash bin. No more disgusting cigarette butts in front of my front door! And most importantly, no more second hand smoke to put up with because "smokers have housing rights, too!" Yes, they have housing rights! And I have breathing rights!

Now, I can live comfortably in and around my own home! I'm so ready to say goodbye to apartment living and enjoy my new smoke FREE place!

And next week I can get back to a New Normal! I remember the New Normal I had to find when I quit smoking! It took awhile to get my bearings and feel comfortable with all of the changes. It might take awhile for me to get used to my New Home! But it will happen! And soon I will be more comfortable with my new surroundings than with my old ones! It happens! You just have to give it some time! After all of those Years of living in one place, of course, it will feel strange at first and after all of those Years of smoking, no doubt, it takes some time to get used to smoke FREE Living!

A New Start!

That's what you're launching into! So, do your sorting and cleaning, do your separating old from new and get ready for a true adventure! 

You're really going to LOVE Smoke FREE Living - given time!