ACTIONS Speak Louder than THOUGHTS!

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Mar 21, 2014

What’s in a thought really? We have 60, 000 thoughts a day – some positive, some negative, and some neutral. They can be observations, criticisms, motivations, imagination, etc…Thoughts can be passing or obsessive. We have a Control Panel in our NeuroSystem just like the Control Panel in our Computers that allows us to “Administrate!” We get to DECIDE which thoughts we will give personal POWER to and which we will dismiss!

For Example, I might think for a second, “I’d like to be a Movie Star!” Immediately, my Cognitive and Affective Controls will kick in and begin deciding how important that thought is. Do I really want to be a Movie Star or is it just an imaginative sidebar? Just because I have the thought doesn’t necessarily mean that becoming a Movie Star is a viable goal – but it might! My internal Administrator decides.

If something is important to me then I invest energy and allow that thought to grow!


When an Addictive Thought happens to me, “A cigarette would be good right now,” I can DECIDE to give that thought POWER or dismiss it! My “Administrator” can elaborate and think, “Now, that was a ridiculous thought!” [ which is what it chose to do in my case when I thought about becoming a Movie Star!]

OR I can give it POWER by elaborating on how the cigarette will “reduce my stress,” taste delicious,” “reward some behavior,” or some other absurd chain of Addictive Thoughts!

I choose to elaborate on the fact that smoking contradicts every single Value I hold dear and isn’t worth a second thought!

That’s when my ACTIONS take over! I immediately direct my attention to my BREATH! Breathing is something that we all do throughout the day whether we think of it or not! But paying attention to breathing allows me to contemplate the gift of LIFE! It allows me the split second needed to redirect my thoughts toward those life enhancing values I hold so dear! It makes me aware of how my body wants and needs the help of my mind to fulfill it’s mission – Health and Life!

We Addicts have lots of thoughts about smoking, especially at the beginning of our Quit Journey,but what counts are not the thoughts themselves – it’s how we DECIDE to Administer them! Will you focus on the thought and make it grow

OR will you focus on your own choice of life enhancement?

Let your ACTIONS direct your day! N.O.P.E.! Just for today NO MATTER WHAT!