Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Feb 27, 2014


When I DECIDED to put down the cigs, little did I know that I wasn't just stopping a bad habit, I was STARTING something NEW and Surprising!

I was thinking I loved cigarettes but they were killing me. Still, Quitting is about giving up, sacrificing, depriving myself the one luxury (or vice) I have allowed myself to enjoy! Right? WRONG! SURPRISE!

As I struggled to fight the Mental Battle of Addiction I discovered FREEDOM - I am FREE to be the ME that my Creator intended me to be! I gave up absolutely NOTHING of Importance and Gained - Well, EVERYTHING ABUNDANT and BEAUTIFUL about Self-RESPECT and Self-LOVE that can only lead to HAPPINESS, JOY, and FUN!

Do I live in a Pink Cloud? I don't BELIEVE that - I FEEL - Passionately - sadness, anger, desire,fear as well as happiness, love, joy, ALL MY FEELINGS that were numbed by my addiction and hidden under a SMOKE CLOUD! So which do I prefer? A pink cloud or a smoke cloud? If this is a pink cloud - I'll TAKE IT!

What I DO KNOW - it's REAL LIVING! My name is Thomas and I have 1440 Smoke FREE DAYS of NEW LIFE!