Nine super effective ways to quit smoking

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Feb 9, 2014

If you are tired of trying out all the conventional methods to quit smoking but have been unsuccessful, check out some of the news ways, they might help you out.


Ways as easy as this

1. Break your hands: This will work unless your body is too flexible to allow you to smoke by holding cigarettes with fingers of your feet, most probably you will not smoke for a month due to plastered hands.

And it’s a well established fact that if you continue following a routine for a month, it becomes a habit. Therefore, by the time your plaster is removed, chances are high that you would be a non smoker.


2. Add few drops of chloroform in your cigarette: This trick is very effective for chain smokers. Each time you try to smoke a cigarette, you will fall asleep for at least for 4-5 hours.

This will introduce a healthy interval between smoking sessions, which will eventually demote you from a chain smoker to normal smoker category. Increase the quantity of chloroform if you want bigger demotion.

3. Chain yourself to your office chair: This for office-goers who are habituated of taking a break after each hour just to smoke. Chain yourself to your office chair as soon as you reach the office and give the keys to your boss. Keep a bottle nearby, just in case you need to pee.

If you have rigorous working hours as that of software engineers, it will bring down your cigarette consumption substantially.


4. Quit coffee: If you are a coffee addict, and want to quit smoking, quit the coffee first. For this kind of smoking addicts, coffee and cigarette complement each other, and one is incomplete without the other. Once you are done with coffee, you will quit smoking automatically.


5. Get bad memories associated with smoking: Getting into problem on regular basis due to your smoking habit might force your to quit it permanently. Getting fined more often by smoking in no-smoking zone, or trying to burn down your bed accidentally while you are drunk are some of the things you could try and associate your smoking with.


6. Live with your parents: This suggestion is based on a survey conducted by a magazine on 1000 young working professionals and students who live away from their parents. All the survey participants accepted a sharp fall in number of cigarette smoked per day, when they visited their parents. Fear of getting exposed that they were smoker, was the main reason behind this drop.


7. ‘Slap me, if I am smoking’ – get it tattooed on your forehead: This will give anybody freedom to slap you, in case they find you smoking. Fear of getting slapped will certainly stop you from smoking around your office, with friends, and at other public places.


8. Increase your smoking rate and try to get asthma as fast as possible: Once you come to know that your are suffering from asthma or any other such lung disease because of your smoking habit, you will quit it as if it’s a child’s play.


9. Realize that smoking causes corruption: Higher taxes are levied every year on cigarettes and tobacco based products. Remember that every time you smoke a cigarette, you give money to the government. And most probably that money is being siphoned off in some scam. Therefore, smoking causes corruption. Quit smoking to help the government get rid of corruption. If you smoke, you are corrupt. 


If none of these work, then pay attention to what we're saying here and learn how you can succeed for LIFE!