A Work in Progress!

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Jan 29, 2014

YES! Even nearly 4 years into my quit journey I'm still evolving for the better! Not that it's been totally positive along the way! The last two Months have been full of personal angst, depression and health scares! I went on Zoloft and that caused drug related colitis which led to a whole series of not very fun tests, hours of sleepless worry, and of course, didn't help my depression much! LOL! But because I had built so many wonderful quit smoking tools, amongst them stress management tools, I came through it all like a trooper! The good news, no more Zoloft! No more colitis! Less stress and worry! AND the colonoscopy caught a precancerous polyp! 

TODAY I am celebrating my health and well being more than ever! Everything isn't perfect by a long shot! I still hate Winter! I still get nostalgic for Mexico! I still have COPD, of course! But what I'm looking at is the fact that "No matter how sick I am, as long as I'm alive, there is more right with me than wrong with me!" 

LIFE is GOOD! Addiction FREE Abundant LIFE is SUPER! TODAY is a Great Day because I live Smoke FREE!