Never Ever Forget!

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Jan 28, 2014

Today I chose my theme from a saying that was introduced by Live4theDash! If you all don't know him, well, keep your eyes open - he drops by from time to time and really knows how to inspire a solid quit!

Never Ever Forget!

So why did I choose this one of so many inspiring slogans? Because for me this is the most important slogan of my quit! You see, I have "quit" many times before! But N.E.F. guarantees that this is THE QUIT!


Let me start out by the first sickerette I remember smoking with my buddies (not the guys in the picture, but coulda been - we were just like these fellas!) I was 5 years old and yes, I got caught! My punishment was to smoke one after another until I threw up! YUK! (Sorry Ladies!) So did it work? Heck, NO! We snuck them from our parents and went out something like that movie Lean on Me! Great Movie, folks! That WAS my growing up thing! So that's how I got started! N.E.F.!

As I grew older I was on the anti-smoking - "You'll get Cancer" Club until about High School when they told us marijuana was one step short of being a heroin addict! That's when I decided that Medical "Evidence" doesn't mean Doo-doo! If they can lie about MJ they could be lying about tobacco, too, right? N.E.F.

Still, I am the exact opposite of a gambler! The idea of losing so much as $1 on a lottery ticket seems like such a "pena!" - such a shame! So me being the thinker that I am, I came up with a "fail/safe" plan: I can smoke from time to time and quit from time to time and keep myself safe from Cancer and Lung Damage! And that's exactly what I did! I was a super-expert on cold turkey! N.E.F.

So, when my Doctor told me I had chronic bronchitis some 15 years ago, I marked it up to having pneumonia 2 years in a row - it couldn't possibly be the smokes - I have the fail/safe plan! Right? N.E.F.


March 14, 2010 The day I will NEVER EVER FORGET! Sunday morning and I have a fever of 102 degrees! At the Hospital I hear the words burnt forever in my brain - Emphysema/ COPD! How is that possible? Because COPD is an auto-immune disease! It cares not what deals you made - how old you are or how much you smoked! ONE SICKERETTE is ONE TOO MANY! And my life changed in the most amazing and exciting way possible! I discovered my Ex Family and MY TRUE ADDICTION-FREE SELF!

I no longer had a "reason" to give up my quit! This would be THE QUIT! The one and only FOREVER QUIT! Because Smoking is not an option for me anymore NO MATTER WHAT! N.E.F.

If GOD grants me 10 or even 20 more years of LIFE I will still be saying N.E.F. because my LIFE depends on it - and so does yours! God Bless You All and