Stop waiting

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Jan 9, 2014
   Don’t wait to be inspired. Get busy, and find your inspiration in making something good and useful happen.

Don’t wait for the moment to be right. Go ahead and make the moment right by what you do with it.


If you wish for fortune to shine upon you, give it a good reason to do so. The reliable way to be lucky is to make your own luck with your own efforts.


The way to get what you want is not to beg for it or hope for it or demand it. The way to get what you want is to do what you must to make it happen.


You know that, so go ahead and put your knowledge to good use. Feel the irreplaceable satisfaction that comes from being master of your own fate.


Stop waiting for life to be the way you want. Start doing all you can to make it great.


— Ralph Marston